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Giants game postponed to Monday Night

Due to a blizzard in Minnesota, combined with Metrodome officials being unable to clear the roof of snow, the Giants game has been postponed until Monday night. 

While this disadvantages the Giants when they play Philly next Sunday, tough toasties, deal with it, win out and quit complaining.  

I for one am sorry they are not playing in that snow.  Now that would have been a game.

Nicklaus used to say when he heard a player whining about conditions, he would cross him off his list of players to beat.

So the Giants may have to beat a blizzard, get only 6 days before Philly, win out the last 4 to get a playoff spot…  tough sh*t.  Bring it.  31 losers.  You can only lose this season once.  Let’s remember, the Metrodome was home to 4th and 17.  They never hand you a championship- you have to go out there and grab it.