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Giants Offensive Stats at the bye

The Giants have played the following teams:

WAS 3-2
STL 0-5
PHI 2-4
AZ 1-4
SEA 2-3
BUF 4-2

TOTAL 12-20

So before you read the following stats, don’t be swayed by their nominal information.  You have to weight it by the level of competition the Giants have faced.  Here is where the Giants are out of 32 teams in the NFL in the following Offensive categories..

Yards/game- 12th
1st downs- 15th
3rd down %- 27th
Penalty Yards- 12th highest
Turnover Ratio- 7th
Sacks Allowed- 21st
Pts per Game- 9th
Rushing Yards per game- 26th
Rushing Attempts per game- 11th
Passing Yards per game- 7th
Passing Attempts per game- 27th
(QB) Passer Rating- 3rd
Completion %- 10th   

Now here is an important stat to normalize all of the stats above.  If you take the DEFENSIVE ranking of the 6 teams the Giants have faced, this is what it looks like:

Yards Allowed Per Game
WAS 322 (6th)
STL 403 (30th)
PHI 341 (14th)
AZ 377 (21st)
SEA 366 (18th) 
BUF 420 (31st)
Average 371 (which would be 20th in ranking)

The only defense that the Giants faced this season that is credible is the Redskins.  So the offensive numbers have to be tempered.  The good news is that the teams the Giants face in the second half of the season are not (on the whole) strong defensive teams.  Rob Ryan’s Dallas Defense is #5, we play the Skins (#6) again, the Jets are #11, SF is #13 and that is about it.  The takeaway here for the rest of the year> the Offense on the whole will not be the issue for the Giants. Duh, I guess you know what will be, but we will save that discussion for a post next week.