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Giants pick Two Defensive Linemen in R2 and R3

The New York Giants went for Defensive Line in Round 2 and Round 3 of the 2013 NFL Draft.

Our draft analyst Wonder gives an unequivocal opinion on both DT Johnathan Hankins and DE Damontre Moore.  And they could not be any further apart.  Huge thumbs up for Moore and a huge thumbs down for Hankins.  "As bad as the Round 2 pick (Hankins) was, the pick of Moore was equally as good, if not great," says Wonder.  It's all about scheme, and for the Giants DL, it  is part of a 4-3 defense.  Hence the takeaway on both players.

"Hankins is a space eater.  He belongs in a 3-4 to clog up the middle.  I do not understand why the Giants, who use a 4-3, drafted this player.  He's a 2 gap, not a 1 gap.  He does not have the foot speed to get between Guard and Center.  He takes up space period.  This is good for a 3-4 Defense.  For my Jets, or for Dallas, he would be an ok or good pick.  For the Giants, it is a misfit, a terrible pick."

Marvelous, who is incredibly knowledgeable about the Big 10, is very familiar with Hankins: "430 lbs of cr*p from Ohio State no less." (Wonder's initial reaction, which we tweeted, was similarly unflattering.)

As much as Wonder dislikes Hankins in blue, he LOVES Damontre Moore.  Wonder was effusive about the new DE.  "I had him at ~40 in the Draft.  He is mobile and aggressive.  He is a good solid 4-3 DE with potential to develop into a very good pro.  Whatever "it" is, he has it.  He has playmaking ability, he has some speed, he has moves, he played in the SEC, he has experience, and it is just a good solid pick.  Great value for middle of R3. 

"Moore is the best pick of the Giants draft thus far.  He enables the Giants to continue to do their DE rotation with Tuck and JPP, something they had with Osi.  As bad as the R2 pick was, the R3 pick of Moore was as good if not better."

For Wonder, so much of this is scheme.  As an example, he is confounded at how the Jets take Sheldon Richardson, who belongs on the 4-3 Giants, and the Giants take Hankins, who belongs on the 3-4 Jets.  "Maybe they can make a trade?!"