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Giants plan on being cautious in free agency

After burning 83 million dollars in free agent contracts in 2009 and getting little in return, the Giants plan on taking a much different approach in 2010.

When the free agent signing period begins this Friday, Giants co-owner John Mara will not be magnanimous as he was a year ago.  Last year, the Giants broke the bank on three defensive players- Chris Canty, Rocky Bernard, and Michael Boley who they thought would improve their defense.  Unfortunately,  things did not work out according to their plan.  The 2009 Giants defense regressed and received liitle or no contributions from their free agent players. A disconcerted  Mr. Mara has figured out the Daniel Snyder way of spending money on free agents does not win championships.

“We’re going to do whatever we feel is necessary to improve the team, but that doesn’t always involve spending the most money,”Mara told the Daily News. “I think it’s been pretty well-established in this league that spending the most money in free agency doesn’t always produce results.”  Although Mara will be frugal this year, he did inform the New York Daily News,  “If we see a free agent out there we think can really improve our team, we’re certainly going to pursue that.”  Could this free agent be Karlos Dansby?  Sports Illustrated’s Don Banks thinks Dansby is a good fit for the Giants.    If Dansby signs with the Giants, going back to 2000, the Giants have used free agency to fill their need at the middle linebacker position. Remember in 2000, the Giants signed Michael Barrow and five years later they acquired Antonio Pierce.  In fact, over the years, the Giants have used free agency instead of the draft to add linebackers to their roster.

Lastly, John Mara believes his team has a good nucleus and with some tweaking they can be competitive this year.
“I do not believe we need to tear everything apart. I think that’s crazy. I think we do have a good nucleus here. I think most people around the league would agree with that, too.” 

Do you agree or disagree with him?