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Giants select Richburg and Bromley in R2 & R3

Richburg is a Center. That was need, since the physical health of Walton is not certain.  Bromley is a DT.  The Giants like drafting DT’s (Joseph, Austin, Hankins, Bromley) with high draft picks.  Not sure why, but that’s what they do. I guess I question what the point is to drafting these guys high if they are going to do well (which is what you hope for, right?!), and then you just let them (Joseph) walk.  What is the point?  DT’s take 3 years to become men in the NFL.  You invest significant resources in bringing them of age and then what?

Richburg is an athletic Center. He has good quickness, good feet. Wonder had him rated at the end of R2.  We preferred the value of TE Jace Amaro, who would have pulled LBers and Safeties away from the middle and allowed more space for those smaller WRs (Cruz and Beckham).  As disappointed as Wonder was that the Giants did not pick Amaro, ~5 picks later he got his wish when the Jets took him.  I am at least pleased that we have some resources to protect Eli.

Bromley is “a guy.” Let’s hope for the best from these players.