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Giants vs Jets Preview

Normally you’d expect that after a week of bashing the Giants, that we’d be looking for the Giants to lose this coming weekend.  But that is not the case.  We are not predicting a Giants win, but we do believe the Giants have the edge.  Here’s why: 

1) The Giants are a better team on paper. When they play their ‘A’ game, they will beat the Jets ‘A’ game.

2) The Giants have more focus and energy when they play as underdogs than when they are favorites.  Since they are FG underdogs following a loss, we expect them to bounce back.  Week 15 vs the Redskins was abominable.  If they dare to not show up in Week 16, it would be despicable.  Given all the rivalry w the Jets etc, I cannot imagine the Giants being flat again.  

3) Eli Manning and Giants offense is far more potent than Mark Sanchez and the Jets offense.

4) JPP should require a double team.  Wayne Hunter will need help.  When JPP is doubled, that will mean a Jets offense that is already limited becomes even more limited.

5)  Sanchez is not an accurate QB.  Fewell should not give Sanchez a lot of zone.  It is up to Fewell to do one right thing in a row. 

6) Ballard, Pascoe and Beckum are all hurt.  If one of them can be even halfway decent for Saturday, it will be more than enough, as the Jets have trouble with TEs.

7) I am worried about Plaxico Burress.  How many times have we seen it- a player gets amped when he goes up against his former team.  This is a wild card.

8) Load the box and dare Sanchez to beat you.  If you stop the Jets run, they are in trouble.

9) The Jets do not have a pass rush (without blitz).  Eli should be effective.  He torched Rex Ryan’s brother when Dallas blitzed too much in H2.  The Jets need to blitz sporadically/infrequently and I do not think they will do that.      

Summary- this is the Giants’ game to win or lose. No predictions, but if the Giants show the same effort and focus they had vs Green Bay, they will win easily.  If they have a flawed gameplan, ie Fewell too much zone for Sanchez and Gilbride not enough rhythm for Eli, then the Giants will dig themselves a hole.  The Giants have control.  Win or play golf.