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Simms on Wild Card Weekend

 Simms talks about both wild card matchups today on WFAN with Mike Francesca.


Baltimore vs. Chiefs

  Simms describes the Chiefs as a “young, energetic, fast and scheming team especially on offense.”  Chiefs like to utilize “screens and tricky runs” on offense.  Jamaal Charles is “so explosive” and to Simms probably on of the “top 2 or 3 fastest guys in the NFL.”    Thomas Jones has complimented Charles limiting his carries as well “as his hits” which “has been a huge factor” for Charles success and will be in this game.  They got into the playoffs in Simms words because a) “you can’t deny the schedule” played a factor and b) “they are very well coached” which will make KC “a factor for quite a while.”

Is the Ravens defense living on reputation?  Simms answers is no.  To Simms their “front seven is wicked.”  The only issue with the Ravens defense is their stamina as “they can get tired” and things breakdown for them.  This may be attributed to their offense.  To Simms “they need to throw the ball shorter” because “they make Flacco hold to the ball way too long.”  They have “guys like Mason and Boldin who can’t beat you with their speed.  They are route runners and you’ve got to create space for them.”    Cam Cameron has been getting heat in Baltimore for their performance.  He related to Simms “that they have been practicing great and haven’t been able to translate that to the field” at game time.  Cameron is “hoping their offense can catch fire like the Giants did in their Super Bowl run.”  Biggest fear for the Ravens is “whether their wide receivers can get open against a very young and fast Kansas City secondary.”  One final thought.  Is the Ravens window closing?
Packers vs. Eagles

  Very “gusty winds” in Philly should be a major factor (hmm, how would have Eli handled that?).  Simms “was caught off guard by Green Bay’s defense more than he expected.”  He thought their was a lot of hype about them but “they’re really not over-rated.  They are so fast.  The speed they have can match the Eagles.”  In addition, “their linebacker unit is the fastest four” Simms “has seen in a long time.”  Matthews is known for his speed on the edges but Simms feels he his overlooked with his bull rushes.  Simms noticed how “Matthews would put his head down right into a tackles chest and drive him right back into the quarterback.”

 The Eagles have “had 2 weeks to fix their pass protection” and “it will be interesting to see who did the best work in this 2 week plan.”  Simms feels Rodgers is harder to defend than Vick.  He has all the tools to be considered “great”  and he’s as “good a thrower than anyone in the NFL.” The Vikings forced Vick “left but they stopped him as he moved. Teams are so smart in how they get it done in such short time.”  Vick likes to move left so teams are “sliding to a certain side, cut off all the angles” and shutting him down “like the Vikings did the other week.”  Look for Green Bay to copy a lot of what the Vikings.  Perry Fewell found it interesting that the Vikings copied a lot of what the Giants did against the Eagles.
Wonder was 0-2 yesterday.  Who would have imagined the Saints falling to the 7-9 Seahawks?  Looks like the Saints defense took them way too lightly and it paid later on in the game.  Anyone notice comments above about speedy linebackers?  Anyone notice the play of the Seahawks linebackers defending the pass against Brees?  Can we say linebacker, linebacker, linebacker in the draft for the the Giants for the 5th year in a row?
Was that deja vu’ for Giant fans seeing the Jets come back in the final minute?  Poor kick coverage by the Colts allowing the Jets to return the ball to the 40 yard line.  And then the famous prevent defense, cover 2.