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Greg Cosell comments on the NYG-NYJ game

Greg Cosell of NFL Films analyzed the game tape of this past Saturday’s game.

When the Giants had the ball.

When the Jets had the ball.

While I did not agree with all of the observations, there were more than a few which were consistent with our view of what took place:

Giants offense lacked consistency but they made a number of explosive plays which compensated for it

A significant problem for Sanchez is his accuracy, misses too many throws that are there- Not the kind of QB that makes receivers better with precise ball location

Onto matters of popcorn and cotton candy, the Pro Bowl announcements arrived yesterday…

Eli Manning and Jason Pierre-Paul made the Pro Bowl.  Elliot Harrison is so wrong on Eli Manning.  My biggest criticisim in the past 7 years is that Eli could not carry the team when the team needed him to do so.  So this year he finally has that sonic boom year where he does it all, and this terd is trying to tell us he wants Romo or Stafford?  In 2011, in the NFC, it is very easy: Rodgers, Brees and Eli Manning, in that order.  Period.  

To be fair to Harrison, he is spot on re Cruz.  400 more yards than Jennings?  Sorry Green Bay, but if your team is loaded enough that it has to spread the cheese around a little too much, then Jennings is going to come up short because Cruz has delivered too often and too much.  This is one of the reasons why the Pro Bowl is such a joke.  I apologize for even mentioning this bubble gum, but it is an 8 day week and I am off from work, so I have been seeing a lot of fluff movies lately.