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Mark Herzlich has signed with the Giants.

Looking back in April, we liked this guy as a real sleeper before the draft.  He went to B.C., which speaks for itself.

Ranking 67th out of Top 100 in the Draft.
Rating 4 (Starter)
“Really good player, stricken with Cancer.  Came back, played well, a medical risk but worth a look-see here.  Giants fans, watch out for BC connection again.”

This guy was a standout backer at B.C. He was a tackling machine and brought it every game.

He got cancer and missed a season. Obviously his career was dealt a severe blow.  He did come back after being successfully treated and played very well.

This is a very good move. There is no risk and there is the possibility he can play at the level he did before cancer. The guy would have gone early under different circumstances.  At worst, he is the kind of guy who can deliver on specials, as he plays the game with aggression and skill.  I hope he makes it.