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So you’ve logged in this weekend to read this NY Giants football blog.  Well, we are going to pass you along so that you can check out three different NFL articles that come highly recommended by us here at UltimateNYG.

John Clayton on the changing nature of the Running game in the NFL.  This piece describes the evolution of RB, why you simply do not see the critical need for great rushers anymore.  Be it the use of two-back rotations or simply the dominance of passing in today’s offenses, RBs are not game-changers in 2011.

Draft hit rates.  Bill Polian is not a draft guru.  But he is one GM that you have to listen to if you want to understand how the draft works.  His hit rates include role players.  UltimateNYG has been talking about hit rates with a little bit of a different metric- STARTERS.  How many STARTERS do you get out of your draft?  And we narrow it down further to the draft picks themselves, not the UFAs that get scooped up thereafter.  We have been discussing for years here that 2 starters from your draft is par and 3 is a good draft.  

Titans GM Mike Reinfeldt: “If you look historically, teams get 2.3 starters per draft and as a team, I think you need to strive to get three starters per draft, or I should say players worthy of starting.”

What makes a successful NFL Player.   The article is written by Jonah Lehrer.  He does a very good job of breaking down some of the myths about what makes a football player ready for the jump to the pros.   Wonder and Pete talk about it often.. the need for these guys to have good attitudes and strong work ethic make a big difference in how they grade these players.