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Houston Food Guide For Super Bowl 51
Houston Food Guide for the Super Bowl
$ = sub $20
$$ = $20-$40
$$$ = more than $40
(all without drinks)
1. El Tiempo Cantina. You’re in Houston, so you want to eat Tex-Mex. This is my favorite. The owners sold out to Ninfa’s and opened this chain, so this is the real Ninfa’s and I like it better. El Tiempo has multiple locations but the one I like is on Montrose Blvd. The menu is broad and strong. Lunch is reasonably priced ($). The dinner selection is wider with unique dishes that you will have to pay a lot more for ($$). Once you go here, you won’t ever want to go back to Chili’s. Peak hours will have peak waits, because the food is worthy.
2. El Real. This is like the 1A to El Tiempo. Very good. There are certain dishes that are every bit as good or even better than El Tiempo. Find a local (nearest 3 zip codes on their driver’s license) to take you there on Monday and it is half price ($), which is the best deal in town. The stuffed smoked chicken chile relleno is awesome. Wide selection of Margaritas are also good. Happy Hour is good on a budget. $$.
3. Pit Room. It is Texas, so if you miss the BBQ you need to have your head examined. Strahan recommends Demeris. Try one of these three instead. $.
4. Goode Company. It is Texas, so if you miss the BBQ you need to have your head examined. If you miss this place, order (not 1 but 2 of ) the pecan pies online. $.
5. Killens BBQ. More BBQ. Never been there, but my buddies tell me the ribs are the best in town. $$.
6. Ripe Cuisine Food Truck. After all that BBQ meat, you’ll need a break with a vegan food truck that is excellent. Click the link to find out where they are. Trust me, it’s delicious. Say hi to Tre and Stephanie, tell’em UltimateNYG sent ya. $.
7. Damarco. Only here on this authentic Houston Food Guide would you get a Food Truck at #6 next to one of the fanciest places in town at #7. Damarco requires a jacket. If you like excellent Italian, make a reservation to this place now. It is on the same level (well, just about) of Il Mulino in NYC. Not only is their pasta and seafood top notch, but they also make a steak that is imho the best in town as well. If you appreciate fine food and fine dining, this is the place. $$$
8. Kata Robata. This is my go-to place in Houston. Excellent sushi. If you are on a budget, find the Happy Hour ($$). Otherwise it will set you back $$$. But it is worth it. Make a reservation.
9. Uchi. Think Nobu. Terrific Japanese fusion. Make a reservation. Now. The Happy Hour will still hit your wallet. But the food is great. This is a genuine food experience. $$$.
10. MF Sushi. Upscale sushi for a demanding palate. I prefer Kata or Uchi.  Those places offer a more modern fusion Sushi. MF Sushi is more traditional. The Chef’s tasting menu is a culinary adventure. There are some that believe that this is the best restaurant in town. $$$.
11. Ruggles Green. Perfect if you have all kinds of food restrictions. Grass-fed beef. They are just as anal as you in meeting your dietary hangups. $-$$.
12. Alladin. A local’s hangout for Mediterranean. Good portions and good food. $.
13. Kiran’s. Triumphant Indian cuisine. They just reopened. Make a reservation. Bring your wallet but it is worth it. $$$.
14. Khyber. Solid Indian. Go to the lunch buffet and say hello to me, because odds are I’ll be there. $ lunch. $$ dinner.
15. Romano’s. If you are craving a slice of NY Pizza, this is about as good as Houston can get, because these guys are from Brooklyn. What, you complainin about eatin pizza in Texas? Fuggeduhboutit. $ pizza, $$ dishes.
15a. Pizaro’s. My wife’s favorite pizza place in Houston.
16. Kenny & Ziggy’s. If you are craving NY Deli, this is it. About as authentic as it gets. This is the guy from the movie “Deli Man.” $$.
17. Empire Café. Your ordinary restaurant with a deep bench. Place your order, find a table, and leave room for their mammoth sized desserts. Breakfast, lunch and dinner. $-$$.
18. Harry’s. Very good breakfast. Think cross between Diner and Texas. $.
19. Lankford Grocery. Lunch. Very good burger menu. Hole in the wall. Featured on Diner’s Drive-Ins and Dives.”What do you mean, you don’t eat meat?”  $.
20. B&B Butchers & Restaurant. Good steakhouse. There are so many in Houston. This one is solid. $$$.