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How NFL GMs did in Round 1 of the Draft, Part 2

Today let’s look at the 32 GMs and see how they did in Round 1 of the NFL Draft.  The average score was a 3.6.  Which teams do you think did the best?  Which teams did the worst?


avg team avg slot comment
2.2 pit 21 R’berger, Polamalu, Holmes, Hampton, Burress 
2.5 ten 19 three 1’s, three 3’s, and NO busts
2.8 ind 26 Polian does it all from the back of the pack
2.8 hou 12  
2.8 ne 20 four 1’s and 2’s all on line of scrimmage
2.8 bal 18 On their first pick each year, they are a 2.2
2.9 nyj 15 Revis, Mangold and Parcells in 2000
3.1 car 17 Since John Fox’s arrival, the Panthers are a 2.5
3.1 dal 17  
3.2 arz 12  
3.3 min 16  
3.4 sd 19  
3.5 gb 18  
3.5 no 15  
3.7 was 14  
3.8 buf 17  
3.8 sf 18  
3.8 jax 15  
3.9 atl 15  
3.9 oak 15 2004-2009 avg is 4.8
4.0 phi 19  
4.1 sea 19 2004-2009 avg is 5.2
4.1 den 17  
4.1 nyg 21 see yday’s blog entry. Round 2 is their bacon.
4.1 mia 14  
4.1 tb 14  
4.2 kc 15  
4.3 cle 11 3 busts from 2000-2 set table for bad decade
4.3 chi 16  
4.5 cin  12 3 busts
4.6 det 12 Led the NFL with 4 busts. 
4.6 stl 18 7 replaceable starters + 3 busts = terrible

This is more like the haves and the have-nots.  Notice how the successful teams like the Steelers, Patriots, Colts, Titans and Ravens are all drafting from the back and that does not stop them from finding good players.  Notice how teams like the Bengals, Browns and Lions are drafting near the front and yet they keep finding players who bust.  This is part of the proof for why the draft value chart is so flawed.  It heavily weights the front end of the curve, yet there is Bill Polian sitting in the bleachers and getting his work done.  We do not know how Jerry Hughes is going to do.  All we know is that our draft experts Pete and Wonder had Jerry Hughes rated as their at 25th and 12th picks, and this guy falls to Polian at 31.  For his part, Pete gave Hughes a 2 rating.  Wonder had him in green, one of his 5 undervalued players.  Remember, Hughes could be a bust, or he could get a big injury… but the point is that Bill Polian sat back at 31 and delivered a value there for his franchise. 

Only 11 teams in Round 1 did better on grading than the Giants did in Round 2.  Isn’t it obvious by now that the Giants should stop chasing the sizzle of Round 1 and just trade down for two or more Round 2 players and then draft three pieces of steak?!  Stop with the ego of the Round 1 star.  Just do more of the excellent drafting in Round 2. Stick to your knitting.       

Side note: the Al Davis dementia factor? 2000-2003 the Raiders average a 2.8, from 2004-2009 they average a 4.8.