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I guess that bonus check cleared

I was wrong. I thought that Burress showed tremendous heart in playing hurt all year; he carried the offense on many a Sunday. So when he wanted a new contract, I felt the guy deserved it. But to go back to his old ways and get suspended, what kind of immature bs is that? It is but three games after getting the new contract and he disrespects himself, his teammates, the entire organization, the league and lastly us as fans. What excuses could Plax have this time? NONE. There is no defending him. In fact, he is the last player on the team who should be doing something like this. When you consider how deep this team is at WR, he will not be missed (well, ok, he’ll be missed, but not a lot). What kind of example is this to the younger players? This comes from one of your star players? He is a quiet guy, so … leadership by example..? Plax’s leadership boils down to this- that bonus check cleared, kiss my diva a**.

We hear Plax is appealing, because he feels the fine is excessive. Whatever happened to missing work and calling in to explain? Coughlin did the right thing- no player is above the team. Ridiculous. No winners in this one. Except the Burress bank account.