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Injury plagued and LB unit

 More bad news coming out of East Rutherford and more issues arise for the LB unit. 

The Post’s Schwartz reports that Barden has a stress fracture of the transverse process in his back, Ross has plantar fasciitis and it has been revealed that Michael Johnson has a “disc issue” in his back.  This is getting ridiculous! 

Ross’ injury is the most concerning, considering the physical demands of his position with quick acceleration, turning and stopping.  Ross was expected to handle the nickel CB position as well as showing promise this past game in punt returns (now that we are without Hixon). 

Andy discussed the # 1 concern headed into 2009 was lack of depth at the Safety position, but now depth at Safety is gradually becoming a concern in 2010.  The loss of Chad Jones and now most probably Johnson leaves us with Rashad, Busing, Greco and Seth William as the lone possible true backups.  Seth Williams is listed on the official roster as a Safety but reports out of the media list him as a CB. 

The red zone woes were a plague for this team last year and many hoped that Barden and all 6’6” of him would provide some relief sooner rather than later.  Manning always took advantage of the fade to the corner of the end zone to the 6’5” Burress.

Pete and Andy just recently both discussed concerns regarding the LB unit in their preseason game 2 analysis.  MLB was the position of concern all offseason and we all had hopes of Bulluck becoming the answer.  Well, apparently it may now be OLB.  Per Garafolo, Bulluck filled in for Sintim in the first unit in practice yesterday.  This is the guy getting 6 snaps in a preseason game, still healing and is now the one who is winning the battle over not only all MLBers but apparently the Strong Side too?  This does not say good things about Sintim’s progress, let alone the LBer corps as a whole.