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Intragame Comments NYG-ATL

Tricky, gusty and swirling winds, reports Rob from inside the stadium at gametime. This SHOULD BE AN ADVANTAGE FOR ELI.  Why? Because he is in his sixth season, Ryan is in his second, Eli (to quote Simms, for Meadowlands QBs) should KNOW he’ll have a bad day, to play through it, but the opposing QB will not understand that.  Eli, use that advantage and show us what you got.


INACTIVE:  Barden, Dockery, DJohnson, GJohnson, Koets, Moss, Pierce (see comments section past two days), Whimper.

NOTE FOR ATL: Yes, Turner is out. But so is Jerious Norwood. 

Last minute comment: NO EXCUSES, win the game. If Webster can handle White, the other 10 guys have to handle Gonzalez. The wind SHOULD allow for some INT opptys.