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Is Cover 2 “crucial”..?

One of the important things about this site is the dialogue.  As a forum, we can go back and forth and allow for constructive debate.  One commenter supplied a link for us which endorsed the Tampa 2.  Matt Bowen of the National Football Post discussed “Why playing Cover 2 is crucial in Today’s NFL.”  We understood the commenter as not supporting the defensive scheme per se as much as being interested in the response from our blog.   

The quick skinny from me is that I detest the use of more than a very small amount of zone coverage per game.  The Tampa 2 is a zone.  Maybe if you use the scheme 2-3 times per game it can be a stealth mechanism which allows a player to make an INT.  But otherwise I find it way too passive, allowing the better QBs to victimize the opponent’s defense.

We went to Pete and Wonder and got their response to the article…

I am bothered by the fact that the Giants went from a monster, pass rush, in your face defense under ‘Spags’ into the Tampa Two, bend but don’t break, ‘look in his eyes’ defense under Perry Fewell.

There was lots of slight of hand in the form of denials from Fewell and his asst coaches, but facts don’t lie. The Giants were able to beat the weak schedule they faced but, as always under Coughlin and his brain trust (minus Spags) they collapse when it counts.

1. I’d rather get beat on a 70-yd. deep post or out than have Brady or Manning grind out a 14-play 70yd. drive while completing 7 passes for about 8-10 yds. each time..
2. Today’s O’s (see PACKERS !!) are so PRECISE and ACCURATE that you have to GAMBLE by press coverage AND pressure on the QB and HOPE/PRAY you catch them and get a sack/fumble/int.
3. Sure, if you’re playing last year’s Clausen and the Panthers, you can sit back and win…but NOT against the big boys…they’ll just pick you apart..and they’ll delay/flood the underneath with RB/TE after your “Mike” has dropped deep in the middle as long as you’ve crossed or flooded a WR a second or two before that…then you need to pray some LB or safety can come up to tackle Reggie Bush,etc…in the OPEN field…good luck..no thx..