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Is the Reverse Drafting Order Good?

In general terms, the NFL and most professional leagues have systems for drafting order where the teams with weaker results pick ahead of the ones who did better.  Is this the correct way to redistribute and rebalance in a league format? 

The question is posed because another site here on the Bloguin Network, 18 to 88, had an interesting proposal that I think you should look at.  Obviously the NBA and the NFL are different leagues.  The 16 game schedule eliminates a lot of the issues discussed there, specifically getting eliminated and then tanking to get the top pick.  In the NFL, the top pick in the draft is not as valuable because there are 22 starters, not 5.  But getting back to the proposal, it would simply reward teams that get eliminated with the better “opportunity” for a draft choice by counting wins AFTER elimination from the playoffs as the ranking order for the draft.  In 2008, the infamous 0-16 Lions debacle, if they were eliminated from the playoffs after 10 games, they would have 6 games to collect wins to get the highest pick in the draft, a lot more than a team eliminated in W16. 

This past season, the Giants got waxed by the Vikings in Week 17 and actually moved up in the draft from somewhere around 20 to 15.  Some were openly rooting for a loss just to get the better pick.  Is that what we want to incentivize?  Without getting political, isn’t that getting too socialistic, rewarding losing?  Maybe the Lions need to get religion instead of the Top Pick.  Maybe if you stop getting rewarded for failure and realize that things have to change up at the top in order to get better, perhaps that way we’d see better competition. 

I personally am not a fan of Eric Mangini, but he got his team to play for him at the end of the season.  Under this system, he probably would be entitled to get the highest pick this year.  That seems right.  The Browns came to play and lifted the level of competition, running off 4 straight and doing their part in eliminating the Steelers from the playoffs.  The idea of them being ahead of the Rams seems fair.