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It’s the time of the season

We enter December, and that can only mean one thing for Giants players. Less pads in practice. Fassel did it with much success. Fresh legs in games.

Coughlin did it when he was forced to listen to his players in the 2007 season on the orders of John Mara. He created the “Leadership Council,” a group of ~ten veterans who were able to communicate player needs and problems. For the first time, Coughlin genuinely listened, and the result was a cohesiveness from which the team was able to mount a Super Bowl run. You could see the players really playing for each other AND playing for the coaching staff. One of those issues the players brought to Coughlin was an issue which came on deaf ears (aired to no avail by Barber) back in 2004-2006> going easier on the team in practice in the latter part of the year so that they could have energy on Sunday. Coughlin listened. Do you think that the Giants became the road warriors because they were eating their wheaties? They became road warriors because, as tough as it was to win on the road with the extra fatigue, they were not killed during the week with pads.

The players responded with more respect for Coughlin. A trust was forged out of this and other actions on the coach’s behalf. The players (that I am aware of) who confirmed this were Strahan and Burress. How ironic that it is Burress who we get to listen to ~ 11 months ago, in a completely different place. Very interesting to hear him again, in light of all of his troubles.