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Jets 17 Giants 3

The third preseason game is considered a dress rehearsal for the regular season.  After watching this game, the Giants looked pathetic, sluggish, sloppy,  and out of synch.  You get the idea.  This team still has not worked out the kinks.  Sure.  An argument could be made the compressed offseason has put teams at a disadvantage.  Indeed, the Jets did not look  good either.  But the major difference between the Jets and Giants tonight:  the Jets will correct their shortcomings. On the other hand, the Giants problems from last year have spilled into this season.  

Eli.  Two more interceptions.  Both were inexcusable.  Bad decisions on Eli’s part.  If this team is going to make the playoffs, Eli has to play smart.  His mental lapses continue to set this team back.  Between the  boneheaded interceptions and a delay of game penalty, Eli is NOT a top five quarterback.   All of this is nothing new.   No more excuses Eli.   Furthermore,  with no Boss or Smith, Eli does not have a go to guy.  This is going to manifest itself as the regular season begins.   

Special Teams.  You fill in the blank.   

Brandon Jacobs losing his temper again.  His temper got him thrown out of the game.  Coughlin should suspend him.  His untoward behavior hurt his team.  With Jacobs sitting on the sidelines, reserve running back D.J. Ware got stoned on the goal line.  It does not help that we have a feeble-minded offensive coordinator who refuses to use the play action pass.    

Things looked upbeat for this team after the Bears game.  Perhaps, they were turning a corner.  However,  for them to play so poorly tonight,  it does not bode well as the regular season is about to begin.