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JPP, Part 17

I got a chance to listen to some of Carl Banks and Kim Jones on WFAN this evening on my way home from work. Jones shared a nugget that is valuable for Giants fans to understand about the 2013 season…

JPP told Jones that he hurt his shoulder right after getting a sack, and that if it wasn't for the shoulder injury, he might have had 3 or 4 sacks that day.  He brought that shoulder injury into the Packer game.  The implication is that the shoulder injury is now the only thing between JPP and a very productive stretch drive.  The shoulder injury is still undisclosed, but from this NY Giants blog's perspective, we'll trade a back problem for a shoulder problem any time.  If this is indeed true that all that separates JPP from regaining 100% form is the shoulder, then that would be the game changer for 2013.

We looked at the NFL rankings on PFF for 4-3 DE's in pass rush.  Tuck is #9 out of 35.  JPP is #29 out of 35.  If JPP gets that pass rush back, it is an entirely different team and an entirely different season.  You can throw the past 10 games out the window (well, ok, we won't throw out the pick 6 he had on Tolzien) and realize that all of a sudden JPP will make the entire defense better.  We have no idea what is ahead for the former Pro Bowler in 2013, but Kim Jones' implication is that JPP is just a shoulder injury away now.