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Lack of Communication
PSF will be posting under his own name shortly.  Thanks for your patience.  Here is another PSF entry..
This is a new one for me. Here we are entering the ninth week of the season and I don’t like what I am hearing.

The excuse du jour is that the defense is not communicating properly? Antonio Pierce and Justin Tuck voiced this complaint just after the Philly blowout.They both said that instructions from the coaches are coming too late and they are confused and can’t get set.Furthermore,the defensive backs are blowing coverages because they don’t know what coverage they should be in. Oh brother,this is what losing teams do. They find everything,anything to cast a stone.

It is obvious to all of us that the Giants are not prepared on offense or defense. Throw a little curve at them and Eli becomes totally flustered, takes too long to get the snap and makes bad, panicky decisions. He is waiting till one or two seconds remains before calling for the snap and then chaos ensues. It’s hard to believe that a Coughlin coached team is this unprepared.  Either the guys who made up a formidable defense even without Osi got stupid or Sheridan is in way over his head. I can’t seem to shake the memory of Osi walking away at practice after a tiff with Sheridan.  It is my opinion that Eli works much better out of the gun in a hurry up offense. It seems to give him the time to see the field and locate a target.  He is pointing and changing plays on almost every down and that is a momentum destroyer. It just doesn’t work in the NFL. Where is Kiwi? Where is the vaunted Giant pressure? It is mostly not present and the Giants just don’t have the personnel to stop a good NFL team without it. I hesitate to blame Sheridan because of injury but that doesn’t explain a professional football team playing three consecutive games like a team completely out of sync. Let’s face it. The Giants were outplayed in Dallas and still got a win. That is what good football teams do.

Gilbride has failed as an assistant and a head coach several times before he joined Big Blue. I never liked his offense and this year may be the worst. I can’t get Arizona out of my head and how NO adjustments were made by Gilbride to counter the gimmicks the cards employed.Even the offensive line with 3-4 years together is not getting it done.

Tom Coughlin called in his team leaders and told them they must LEAD. He should have addressed his staff and told them that their jobs were on the line. I felt the one guy the Giants could not lose was Spags. His effect on the defense and the entire team was “in your face obvious”.  New England,Pittsburgh and Baltimore are always amongst the best because they make the tough decisions. Richard Seymour was let go because he was causing descent and he is 32. The Pats got Oakland’s #1 which will be a top 4 or five pick. The patriots will get an excellent player.

It’s hard to criticize a coach who wins and won a Super Bowl.  Coughlin’s Giants however,are out of control. Jerry Reese has done a fabulous job as G.M. drafting, but the staff he now has is NOT of championship caliber. I fear the Chargers because though flawed they have a pretty well oiled offense. The Giants I have been watching cannot compete. I never thought I would be saying that, but our job is to call ’em as we see em. I hope I am wrong!