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Lawsuit filed in Rams-Pats Super Bowl

A lawsuit was filed late this week alleging the New England Patriots got an unfair advantage from videotaping the walkthrough of the St. Louis Rams before Super Bowl XXXVI.

Obviously a lot hinges on the physical recovery of a video possibly in the possession of Matt Walsh. This is a dead end without the video. Walsh would have to have multiple people in the NE Pats to corroborate this story w/o the video itself in order to give any credence to this allegation.

IF THERE IS A TAPE, it is enormous. It means if I am Roger Goodell, I will be hard pressed NOT to overturn the outcome of the game. The burden of proof in a civil or criminal court matter is far higher than the information needed by Goodell. Is this a Draconian response? What do you do if someone gives you a videotape of the Super Bowl walkthrough? It is NOT taped by anyone- if this video assistant to the Patriots has this evidence, admits being told to get it and that the tape was viewed was viewed before the game, then what other choice is there than to overturn the result of the game?!! Some Rams players felt that the Patriots were very well prepared for new plays not seen before yet walked though. The slightest amount of wrongfully obtained information would be damaging enough for the result to be overturned.

It is not as if Belichick or the Patriots have done anything like this before, is it?!!!! We can handle the truth. Especially if it unmasks New England.