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Like Cofield, Osi on his way out too

 Osi Umenyiora unlikely to return to the Giants.

According to Pro Football Weekly,  when the lockout is lifted, Umenyiora could be traded.  So what is going on here?  Why would the Giants trade away a top notch defensive end?

First, let us compare and contrast the Osi situation with Michael Strahan’s holdout.  Both Strahan and Osi share the same agent: Tony Agnone.  Recall, Strahan was purportedly promised a new contract by former GM Ernie Accorsi.  Supposedly, according to Strahan, Reese who took over for Accorsi in 2007, refused to honor promises made by Accorsi.  Fast forward to 2011, we have a different player and the same agent.  And there is yet another claim: apparently,  the Giants  do not deal in good faith.  Hmmm.   Could this be a ploy by Agnone to get Osi out of New York?  Absolutely.  Obviously,  Osi is upset because he is underpaid and the Giants have continued to garner defensive linemen. 

After having a mediocre 2009 campaign,  Osi came roaring back with an impressive 2010 season.  Despite his gaudy numbers which included eleven and one-half sacks and TEN forced fumbles, 
 he single handedly won two games for us.  Splash plays made in the Detroit and Washington games enabled the Giants to win both contests.  With third string quarterback Drew Stanton marching the Lions into Giants territory to take the lead, Osi sacks and strips the football.  Subsequently, Tuck pounced on the football at the Giants 43 yard line.  As a result of Osi’s superb play, the Giants took advantage of the Lions miscue and took the lead for good 21-10.  Against Washington, he forced two of the the defenses four turnovers.  In the second quarter, Washington was deep into Giants’ territory,  Osi sacked and stripped the ball from Rex Grossman. JPP recovered the loose ball on the Giants 25 yard line.  Then early in the fourth quarter, once again, Washington had the ball in Giants’ territory.  And Osi makes another big play.  With a third and three at the Giants 30,  Osi sacked and stripped the football from Grossman.  This time Osi recovered the fumble.  In this game, Washington had chances to win this game but Osi was instrumental in this Giants win. 

Without question,  in 2010, Osi was the best defensive end on the Giants.  Since Mathias Kiwanuka’s status is still up in the air, it does not make any sense to trade Umenyiora.  Indeed, Chris Canty’s bloated contract has to affect Osi.  Since signing his lucrative contract, a six year 42 million dollar deal which included 17.5 million guaranteed,  Canty has not lived up to his expectations. To date, Canty has not done anything remarkable.  Is JPP ready to start?  Apparently, Reese believes this to be true.  So, if there is a 2011 season,  the Giants home opener will be against St. Louis at PSL stadium.  At this juncture,  I would not be surprised to see Barry Cofield and Osi Umenyiora playing for the Rams.