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If you are a New York sports fan and do not yet know who Jeremy Lin is, then you must be living under a rock.  Or not be a Knicks fan. 

Last night, mouth agape at how this kid has exploded onto the scene virtually overnight, I tried to summon up a comparable sense of someone coming from out of nowhere to take over a sport. My first thought was Kurt Warner but then I stopped.

Victor Cruz.

This kid Lin is doing a Cruz on the Knicks!

It has only been 4 games. Is it a flash in the pan? James Worthy doesn’t think so. Will other teams defense him and expose him? Well, they didn’t with Cruz. As we know, teams resorted to doubling him in order to stop him. If they have to do that with Amare Stoudemire and Carmelo Anthony coming back (oh, did I forget to mention that this kid is doing it w/o the “help” of two offensive powerhouses?!!!), then it is going to be a picKnick. 

Speaking about powerhouses, guess where Lin played basketball?  Yep, that Cambridge, Massachusetts hotbed of basketball recruiting, Harvard.

The Knicks have been wandering through the NBA Dolan desert for a while now.  Can Lin lift the Knicks the way that Cruz did it for the Giants in 2011?  That would not be a bad template, getting doubled in the NBA Championship. Time will tell.  For this moment, let’s just enjoy the linsanity.