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Live Draft thread

I just got off with psycho Wonder. Had me laughing. Says that by the end of the day $nyder will end up with $anchez, and that barring Sanchez being the next Joe Montana, he will have wrecked the Redskins in the process. Between Hayne$worth and Hall (completely in$ane) and the $tupid rookie guaranteed $alary money, I do not even under$tand how he pull$ it off. If Wonder is right, it’ll kill his cap for year$. Snyder needs a straightjacket, he cannot help himself.

BTW, on a separate but related topic, someone please tell me what the NFL is doing with starting this at 4PM? Money, of course, they bump a few extra dollars of tv revenue for the event. BFD. Meanwhile, this is one of the the most important times of the year for all of their franchises, and they sentence these staffs to no sleep this evening as they prepare for tomorrow at 10AM. Becuase you know they won’t be done with this until 10pm to midnight, and then the work just begins with sorting through what each team has done, and figuring out who is left to ascertain what to do blah blah. Miserable creatures.