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The Combine part deux

I saw a couple of hours of the combine today and it was again pretty much according to hoyle. It is very hard to translate this first grading of talent as many either don’t work out and some can legitimately have a bad day. I agree with Glenn about need on the dl but I think the probability is it will come in the draft. There are a bunch of guys who look capable of making a difference other than Suh and McCoy. I know the weights don’t matter a whole lot but I was very surprised that McCoy could only manage 22. Suh in comparison did 32 which is nothing special but acceptable. I was very disappointed that Rolando McCain chose not to work out other than hid day at Alabama. He did do the weights and did 22 reps which matched McCoy. So far so good. McCain’s people said he had a bad hammy but I don’t believe it. I have had several and he wasn’t walking with a limp or much if any visible pain so, it looks like gamesmanship. It screws up the teams a little as free agency begins before the workout says and the picture isn’t clear.

There was unanimous opinion that there is depth at running back behind Best ans Spiller. Gearhardt out of Stanford ran4.53 which for a 235 pound man is quick. He ran roughshod over the pac 10 and everyone Stanford played so, he definitely improved his position. Sergio Kindle also had a good workout and did around 22 reps. The question is where do you play him as he can play D.E. as well as outside Linebacker. Te talking heads pretty much agreed with my previous thought placingGerry Hughes as the fourth best linebacker but I disagree with the # 3 spot they gave to Witherspoon out of Missouri. Bowman is built and fast and is an outside backer period. He did have issues and he left college young so,the meetings and his workout will matter a lot. It seems that every year the interviews rake on more meaning. The kids actually pay people like former scout and G.M, Ken Herock to educate them on what to say and what vot to say.I am not as high on the kid from South Florida at S.L as he only played two years in college and came out as a jr. Not many, if any have come out early and made an impact. The tackle from Penn State showed well and he probably fits late first early second.  Shonn Greene came out of relative nowhere last year to start for the Jets. The talking heads think there are more Green’s in this draft. One guy who really hurt himself was the kid out of Georgia tech.  Project to be the first or second back chosen he is sliding after a poor combine.  Dwyer is his handle. Some guys were as smooth a butter doing the very important agility drill for linebackers and some looked awkward and about to trip on themselves. The shuttle step at full speed is tough but very important and so is back peddling and moving forward quickly. The workout is focused on that exercise.. Kenny Price did 22 reps on the weights which didn’t hurt him and I am not sure if he ran or not, I’ll look it up. So,Campbell the OT from Maryland was the big surprise as he is a physical freak who is chiseled, ran the second best ee0 of all time,jumped and broad jumped better than anyone and at 307 lbs and 6’6 is interesting. Funny how so many found flaws in hid leverage and readiness to step up

The quarter backs ,well, the quarterbacks are poor. No one threw other than Dan Pike and he was bad. Too small, too slow, not accurate, game over. Bradford sat out as expected and some seem to thing he could be the surprise #1. He came out after his jr. year and didn’t play most of his junior season. He hasn’t worked out at all so, I don’t know. Claussen didn’t do anything and he is this year’s character concern. There are questions about his ability to lead and his his rapport with his players. Notre Dame after all lost a lot of games and I must say that Claussen did not impress me. The Buzz is that one of them goes to St.Lois or Washington high but I am not so sure. If I were Shanahan I would think Okung who I thought was super impressive. This guy will make a difference. We’re talking multi-time all pro and there for 10 years.

Tomorrow is the biggest day for most as the D.B. work out. How good is Eric Berry? What’s the skinny on Travis Mays? who is this big ss out of LSU and what about Hayden, the Texas kid,the highly rated CB out of Fla State,the new edition from Rutgers,the kid from Boise State and several others who have a real legitimate chance to be special. I can’t remember how Spikes lifted or drilled but that probably means he didn’t overly impress.

We will know more tomorrow and then free agency and then the workouts. Almost two months to go so a lot will and can happen and I will try and keep you as close to it as possible. I saw Coughlin there and I heard that Reese was there but I didn’t see them sitting together as were Spags and Devaney, Polian and Caldwell.Sean and Mickey and even San Diego had both guys. Coughlin made some typical Tom statements which was “we’ve got to get better” I want team player’s”. You go Tom.

Tomorrow is big so we shall see what w shall see.