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Martellus Bennett Update

The last time we heard about the Giants’ new free agent TE acquisition, Martellus Bennett had gone up to 296 lbs.  That was not a good sign, to say the least.  A You Tube video (loaded yesterday) has updated us with the latest on Bennett, and it is very good news: Bennett is down to 275 lbs and his personal trainer is targeting 265 lbs.   

Professional football players get paid millions of dollars to be professional athletes.  We go to work each day, and they go to the office too- it is to work out and have their bodies in the best possible shape so that they can compete at the highest level.  The linked video is ~33 minutes and gives us a good glimpse into what these men have to do to win games and win championships. 

Listen to the trainer working on Bennett’s hand strength.  The trainer did his homework on Bennett and heard about his dropped balls. “By the time he leaves, they are not going to question his hands, because we are going to work on that…”     

It was during the offseason of his 3rd year that Amani Toomer began taking karate.  The difference in his strength, athleticism, professionalism, dedication and confidence were evident.  We are reminded of this when putting into perspective the efforts of all of these players to bring their game to the next level.  No one was a harder worker than Jerry Rice.  Victor Cruz raised the level of his dedication and attention to work when WR Brandon Stokley woke him up to the fact that he was out the door if he did not perform.  If Bennett is serious about making the most of his opportunity with the Giants, it starts right here in the gym with a lot of hard work.  It is a reminder to all of us (see the UltimateNYG book “Bounce”) that genes and ability are not enough in any career- hard work separates the best from the rest.