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Martellus Bennett

Yesterday, Jason Witten gave some pretty good color on Martellus Bennett

The picture is one that happens often in sports on so many levels… a backup who needs a chance to get a more regular amount of snaps so that he can make a difference on the field.  In college, we heard about how Brandon Jacobs went off to Southern Illinois because he was stuck behind Cadillac Williams and Ronnie Brown at Auburn.  In this case, Bennett was stuck behind Witten, who happens to be Tony Romo’s favorite receiver.  Heck, even Terrell Owens had a problem with that love affair.  So Bennett just needs some reps, some consistency, a fresh start.  Considering that guys like Cruz and Nicks are going to draw a lot of attention from the defense, all Bennett needs to do is stay healthy and he will be able to contribute.

Witten: “I think his confidence was probably shaken a little bit in Dallas. Few plays, his numbers were limited, so I’m sure that’s a part of it.”

Considering Ballard will probably not be available, or at best not effective after tearing up his knee in the Super Bowl, this is a very good fit.  Reese has addressed a need before the draft at a position which does not require a mighty draft pick.

Pete: “Bennett was a very good prospect coming out of Texas A+M and picked by Dallas in the second round.  He has been a bust in Dallas but how much of that is Romo and the fact that Bennett never really got a shot (as the “other” tight end is Romo’s favorite target)? I have questions about his head but he has the size, the blocking ability, the tools to excel.  Obviously after 4 years and a Dallas organization in turmoil, he decided he wanted a better opportunity. The move is a good one for the Giants as there is no stud TE in the draft.  If there was one he would never fall to the Giants.”

Wonder: “Bennett has potential..but VERY underachieving in the NFL so far… not that big of a deal as Jints dont use TE as receivers all that much…which they SHOULD!!!”

The Giants are long on loyalty.  If this guy has his head screwed on properly, there is no reason why he can’t do well in this situation.  The 1 year deal fits well with Ballard coming back and taking snaps.  He’s 6’6″ and 270 lbs., so Eli should have no trouble finding him.  The rap on him is that he had a few too many drops.  A fresh start, some concentration, knowing you are practicing and starting every week.. let’s see him become a cog in this offense.  If he has any heart, he is going to know that this is his chance, that he cannot let it pass him by. 

This pick is all about what is inside Bennett’s head.  Note how Witten politely referred to “distractions” twice.  This is a coaching job.  Focus and concentration.  And the best thing for him is the 1 year deal.  Small term contracts for small brains generally gives much better results.  Not many people get a second chance.  As Witten, Pete and Wonder all agree, a lot of upside.  How much desire does this guy have?  We shall find out.