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Mental maturity

Carl Banks chimed in on the shellacking by the Giants in the Pacific Northwest this past Sunday. 

The most impressive aspect:  the Giants “were mentally ready to play” as they obviously “used their bye week very efficiently and effectively.”  Prior to the game , Banks harped on the fact that “this was a test of their mental maturity more so than physical.”  This was more to do with Seattle’s offensive line being decimated by injuries and their defense being near the bottom of the league statistically.  Clearly, this was a team that would be easy to look past.  The Giants, according to Banks, were “as close to flawless on offense in the the first half,” outside of the Kevin Boss fumble (which really didn’t appear to “bother Tom” Coughlin”.   Banks has talked in the past about how the Giants “have been able to self correct” well.  They came into the game “intent on not turning the ball over at all,” another testament to their mental preparation.

On defense, according to Banks, the Giants “did not do anything exotic,” as Fewell was quoted earlier “that we just need go out and play.” Part of the reason you did not see any sacks versus Seattle was primarily due to the fact that the Seahawks were having Whitehurst get rid of the ball quickly.  Even on 3rd down and 15 Banks gives “Pete Carroll’s credit” for “calling 5 yard slants and 7 yard slants” to avoid getting him sacked. Just another reason why the Seahawks had only 10 plays in the entire 2nd half on offense.

Banks believes shiftting the offensive line around “was pretty smart”considering the need for veteran presence in a loud stadium such as Qwest Stadium.  For example he states,  “Andrews in (at LT) as Diehl can now talk Andrews through” situations given that Diehl’s “natural position.”  The shifting of the line is another byproduct of these “guys being really in sync.”  But what Banks thought was “really impressive (is) when they ran Danny Ware right, Danny Ware left and Danny Ware up the middle” in their last drive that consumed 13 minutes.  He added further the Giants “were gonna run the ball, you know it’s coming” and they couldn’t “stop it” summed up the domination of the offensive lines’ performance.  Banks feels Ware “could factor in” at some points during the season.  Hopefully sooner rather than later to keep Bradshaw fresh later in the season.

Finally, Banks on “the game plan” to counter Leon Washington on kick coverage “was great.”  Given that “the defense was playing well” Tynes mixed it up with boomers, high kicks, “squares and mortar” kicks to keep Leon Washington off balance and contained.  Giving up some field position, knowing that your defense would hold them, was effective.

Motown here:  the shifting of the offensive line will be a major factor going forward. Here is the latest news regarding Koets and Diehl.  Thankfully,  Seubert has shown his great versatility and deserves a great deal of credit for handling the center duties in the absence of O’Hara.  It is likely that  he will be at center for another week, with Petrus now filling in at guard in Diehl’s place.  The health issues  will becomes more stressful for the fans and coaches given that we now know we have a team that many have placed at the top of the heap in the NFC.  Certainly, let us not see Hakeem Nicks hobbling off the field for the remainder of the 2010-2011 season, as he is now the key to this offensive machine.  Gibride’s mojo so far has 653 reception yards with 9 TDs versus Gilbride’s former mojo Burress who had 1,025 yards and 12 TDs in 2007.

Judy Bautista of the New York Times provided a great statistic about the mediocrity of the 2010 season.  This is the first season since 1959 that no team has less than 2 losses at this juncture in the season. Hopefully, with the Cowboys dismissing Phillips and promoting Garrett, it will be another reason for the Giants not to look past the Cowboys.  The big test, and possible statement, for the 2010 Giants will come following the Cowboys when they face the Eagles at home.