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Merry Christmas, Giants Fans!

Merry Christmas, fellow football fans!  In this season of thanks, on behalf of the entire team at UltimateNYG we want to thank you for your support of this NY Giants blog.  We are genuinely appreciative of the entire community of football fans from literally all over the globe who come here to talk about the Gmen.  Let’s ring in the New Year with 13 items below and a win tomorrow vs the Packers!

Some interesting ongoings to discuss.

1) YES, if the Gmen win tomorrow, they are in the playoffs.  If they lose, it gets more complicated, but it means the Giants essentially need to win next week and get some help.  So let’s just keep it simple, get a win, get in the playoffs and beat the living snot out of the Eagles when it REALLY counts. 

2) I sent a letter to the Giants for the first time in 9 years.  If you are interested in seeing a copy, you know how to get a hold of me.  The short version is that I detailed to the Head Coach precisely what he needs to do to win a Super Bowl this year.  And I was blunt.  Because it was a personal letter to him, I have chosen not to make it public.  No matter what I say on this blog, I do have respect for Tom Coughlin as a hard working person.  Despite everything that happened this past week, I still see an opportunity to win it all, and I do not want this opportunity to go by the wayside like it did in 2008. 

2a) This is the same team that was up 31-10 in Q4.  This is the same team that has 16 reasons for why they can win it all. 

3) Tuck Football Contest.  The Giants are 3 point underdogs vs the Packers. 

4) Wonderama‘s short update on the NFL at W16:  Rodgers needs to be very healthy or else the Giants will win.  Emphasis on “very.”  He also believes on Monday Jan 10, the headlines in the NY newspapers will read double loss, as both NY teams will not make it out of the first round wild card matchups.  Wonder right needs the Chiefs to somehow hold on and be the 3 seed, then his Jets could play them and win, but otherwise they’ll lose to the Chargers or Colts.  He believes the Ravens and Saints are at this moment the teams that will meet in the Super Bowl.  The Saints’ only problem is facing a team in the Northeast.  He does not like the Bears or the Falcons.
5) Please vote for your favorite social impact game of 2010.  Among them, please consider InterroBang.  Thanks for helping out some friends!

6) Welcome to the Doghouse.  A holiday laugh for all you caring men out there. Aaoooowoooue!

7) The parallels to the Giants EPIC collapse vs the 49ers in 2002 continue.  We noted the non-call in 2002, for when Seubert was downfield and was literally tackled (but not given the call) for pass interference.  Now here is another example of an officiating non-call vs the Eagles on the last play.  Just like Bill Walsh explains, you cannot rely on the refs at the end of games, so close them out yourself well beforehand.  (And if you think TC was such an angel in this category before last Sunday, may I politely remind you of Tenn 21-0 in 2006 and Dal 21-17 at 9:27 of Q4 in the PLAYOFFS!  The latter has a playoff loss written all over it except this time Spags’ defense holds on and Crayton made two too many mistakes.)

8) Exorcise your demons.  In 1990, Everson Walls asked that the Giants be FORTUNATE enough to play the Eagles, 49ers and Bills in the playoffs, because those three teams were the ones who the Giants lost to in the regular season.  NO DUCKING.  People who try to strategize on how to win by getting the easiest route through do not understand that that is not how it works.  Antrel Rolle wants to play the Eagles again.  Good.

9) The importance of rookies.  The emergence of JPP was one of those 16 items we discussed.  Losing Chad Jones in that car accident was a blow.  Rookies are very important! 

10) On this blog we have talked about the mismanagement/underutilization of talent.  Specifically, we have outlined how Jeremy Shockey underachieved while Tom Coughlin was his head coach.  To put this in perspective, why are certain players misfits on one team and model citizens who contribute meaningfully on others?  Corey Dillon was a malcontent in Cincinnati but mysteriously was the great soldier for Belichick in New England who helped them win a Super Bowl.  So it is with this in mind that we bring you back to Mario Manningham’s turnover in Q3 vs the Eagles.  Was that a gamechanger?  Maybe.  How much of that turnover is the result of ineffective channeling of this player’s talent?  I will leave you to answer that question.

11) Commenting system.  (a) If you are logged in, it does not perform the security (b) just reset the security and get a fresh set of letters and numbers, it always works on that second set (c) be patient, as the new commenting system is coming soon.

12) The Eli debate, part 34.  Why is it that we list Eli’s potential upside as one of those 16 reasons why the Gmen can go all the way?  Because the guy is leaving a lot out there on the field.  He throws too many INTs (everyone has WRs who don’t pull the ball down for tipped balls) and his YAC is a pedestrian #23 in the league, despite having one of the best OL’s in the league.  Why does his YAC smell?  For the same reason that Brees (6th), Peyton (7th), Brady (9th), Rodgers (8th) and Rivers (1st) are always cited as the best QBs… they throw the ball more accurately and hit their receivers in stride, enabling them to do a lot with the ball after the catch.  Even the rookie is 13th, and why Wonder has a man-crush on him IF he can stay healthy.  The message here is that Eli can elevate this team by simply doing more of the little things.  He played well enough for the Giants to win vs the Eagles.

13) Simms likes the Gmen.  Simms was 12-4 last week, took the lead in the standings, and would have been 13-3 if not for some misc teams not completely outplaying their opponent for the vast majority of the game and then giving it up at the end.