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Michael Hyperboley

The Giants are going 19-0 this season. 

Made you look!  Of course they won’t be 19-0.  Nick Buoniconti says so.  But no worries, because if you have been reading all of the puff pieces flying around out there the past few days, you’d be hard pressed not to be booking flights to Arlington Texas for February 2011.

At the UltimateNYG New York Giants football blog, we laugh about the manic-depressive assessments that sell newspapers and rack up online hits.  (Maybe we’ll get increased traffic for the opening line of this post?!!)

One moment it is doom and gloom.  The next moment it is all-world beaters, to infinity and beyond.  And a week later it is back in the toilet.  So what gives? 

Well, for starters, we got a big sigh of relief that Hakeem Nicks’ MRI was negative and that he is not seriously/injured.

Next, everywhere I read, someone somewhere is praising a NY Giant, and EVERY time it is a different player!

Aaron Ross is going to replace Darrelle Revis as the best CB from the Draft Class of 2007.

Ahmad Bradshaw is practicing two-a-days and will be healthy all season.

Osi Umenyiora is now the model citizen and team player.

Plaxico Burress will be coming back to the NY Giants and this will end Gilgarbage’s two year coma.

And then optimism goes into overdrive, as we get my favorite of the day from Michael Hyperboley:

We can be the best (defense) in the league.”


STOP.  STOP.  Enough.

We’ve been through four days of camp and we’re not only going to the Super Bowl, we are winning it going away, in a romp…!

Folks- 16 teams are going to lose on opening day weekend.  But since there are no warts, pimples or lesions in the first week of August for all 32 teams, hope springs eternal.   Just wake up.  All of this big talk is patently A-B-S-U-R-D.  This blog recognized a big uptick 12 days ago when the Giants recieved word that they were going to sign Keith Bulluck.  So, yeah, I got excited.  I got some hope.  No one likes a downer.  Bulluck was to me a bonafide uptick because he bolstered the weakest link and all of a sudden made it possible for other units to excel. 

This team is there on paper.

It was there on paper last year too.

They have to do it on the field.  The good news is that guys like Bulluck and Rolle have the leadership that can make the ‘paper’ deliver on the field.  Just listening to Bulluck, he speaks with a veteran’s wisdom that does not insult, but instead respects the game.  Notice that Bulluck, unlike Hyperboley, has sane and realistic beliefs.  He targets having a Top 10 defense.  Now that works.  That makes sense.  That is possible.  That is leadership.  He’s wearing #53.  Is that a metaphor for NY Giants Championship aspirations or what?!