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Mid week Giants News

Reserve offensive lineman Adam Koets has been waived.  

The Cold Hard Football Facts’ Patrick Imig discusses the Eli Manning “elite” hysteria. 

Pro Football Weekly believes Eli is MVP candidate.  

Sports Illustrated’s Peter King is loving Eli too.  King thinks Eli is better in the clutch than Peyton.  

Statistics proving Eli is the BEST 4th quarter QB in the NFL.  

Unproven players getting it done for the Giants.

Things are looking up for the Giants.  They sit at 6-2 and lead the NFC East by two games.  Currently, their arch rival the Dream Team Philadelphia Eagles are in the basement.  In two weeks, the Giants will have an opportunity to bury the birds.  Recall, three years ago, the Giants had a chance to put the Eagles away.  And they did not.  Hopefully, this time around, the Giants will not let this happen again.  While Giants fans should be excited about their team, DE Justin Tuck had sobering words.  “We’ve been down this road before, man,” said defensive end Justin Tuck, less than an hour after the game was over. “We started 6-2 so many times, had a good start to the season and kind of collapsed. That’s getting old for me. We’d put some games together, then we’d fall apart. Whatever that reason is, we don’t know.

“Our history has been start the season fast and kind of slump off at the end. So I think we’re all aware of the fact that no one remembers what you do in November or December. Nobody’s going to remember that when whoever is playing in the Super Bowl is playing. So we’re not going to get so caught up in the fact that we’re 6-2 and we just beat the Patriots.”  

In eight seasons as Giants head coach, Coughlin has guided the Giants to a 6-2 record FIVE times.  As Tuck pointed out,  for whatever reason, the Giants have not finished strong.  With a stellar win against the Patriots, the Giants cleared their first hurdle.  And there is many tough hurdles ahead.  This week they face a 7-1 San Francisco team.  If they play 60 minutes of football, limit boneheaded mistakes, and eliminate turnovers, amazing things can happen for the Giants in this mediocre NFL.