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Minn 44 Giants 7

Mike Francesa can let in the Giants callers Monday and do it all over again. Pathetic, embarrassing, no pride. 

What more is there to say this week that wasn’t already said a week ago?  Did last week’s game need an exclamation point?

First off, we have to give props to Roberts for nailing this earlier in the week:

“I would not be surprised to see Minn build a commanding lead (27-3) and then coast the rest of the game. The current edition of the NY Giants doesn’t have it in them to make Minn work for it.”

Considering it was 31-0 at halftime, I’d say that was a pretty good call.  He jokingly remarked how he was a little bit too optimistic about the offense.

Is there anything in this game that can be learned about the players and the coaches that we do not already know after the demolition last weekend vs the Carolina Panthers?  We knew the Giants did not have a defense, and we knew that whenever they went up against a credible QB they were in deeper trouble.

Amazingly, there is no need for any analysis.  No need for the good, the bad and the ugly.  Just like vs the Panthers, it is all ugly.  This marks the fifth time (Saints, Eagles twice, Panthers, Vikings) the Giants have given up 40+ points in a single season.   This also marks the fifth time (Saints, Eagles, Broncos, Panthers, Vikings) the Giants have been blown out of the stadium in a single season.  Simply uncompetitive and undeserving of belonging in an NFL contest in 5 separate games.  We’ll have the offseason to look to the future, but do not think about Super Bowl XLV just yet.  Think small steps.  Think about being competitive again in 16 contests.  This team is not an NFL team right now and needs to be put back together.

A final note.  Tom Coughlin came in January 2004 and said his job was to restore team pride.  He took a rookie QB and got us a Super Bowl.  You have to give Coughlin all the credit in the world for that.  But likewise, the street runs two ways.  If you get the credit, you also accept the blame.  The final word on this season from this NY Giants blog is that Tom Coughlin must accept blame for the loss of Giants pride.