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Misc Camp etc..

1) Victor Cruz fighting for a roster spot
The rookie UFA was seemingly everywhere when I saw him at camp.. would not be surprised if he supplanted Moss.. can he be a returner on specials?
2) Phillip Dillard fighting
moxie counts for plenty in the NFL
3) Jets fight
The Jets and Revis are miles apart.  A holdout lost season is much more likely than a settlement.
4) Turf fight 
Coughlin claims the New Meadowlands turf is ready for the preseason opener on Monday night
5) Bulluck feels no pain and he plans on running through the wall for the Giants.
6) Remember Andre Smith?  He was taken 6th overall last year.
Remember Wonder’s words?  “I wouldn’t touch Smith with a ten foot pole.”
Remember last year?  The guy broke his foot two days into camp after a holdout.
This year, he can’t even get into shape.  Someone tell the Bengals they’d be served by reading this blog.
7) McNabb’s adjustment to the Skins is slow
8) There were no shortcuts for Jerry Rice