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Mock Draft: UltimateNYG is on the clock

UltimateNYG is on the clock for the 15th pick in a mock draft being run by Don Delco of No Logo Needed.

Here are the first 14 picks:

1. Rams: Ndamukong Suh, DT Nebraska
2. Lions: Gerald McCoy, DT Oklahoma
3. Bucs: Russell Okung, OT Oklahoma State
4. Skins: Trent Williams, OT Oklahoma
5. Chiefs: Bryan Bulaga, OT Iowa
6. Seahawks: Sam Bradford, QB Oklahoma
7. Browns: Eric Berry, DB Tennessee
8. Raiders: Bruce Campbell, OT Maryland
9. Bills: Jimmy Clausen, QB Notre Dame
10. Jaguars: Rolando McClain, LB Alabama
11. Broncos: Mike Iupati, G Iowa
12. Dolphins: Earl Thomas, S Texas
13. Niners: C.J. Spiller, RB Clemson
14. Seahawks: Charles Brown, OT USC

15. Giants: ???

We are on the clock for the 15th pick.  I am consulting with my Draft Room (Motown, Glenn, Wonder and Pete) before I make the final decision.  You have less than 24 hours to supply feedback for who we should take and why.