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More analysis of Preseason Game 2

The Giant offense was marginally better than last game.

Osi made some old time Osi pressure and looked good. Tuck was very good.  He showed Strahan-like strength and quickness several times. 

There were some huge lanes opened by the Steelers and the phantom Steelers running back looked like Jim Brown.  The Giants linebackers were invisible and that was the big problem. This is why the DB’s were forced to be primary tacklers again. When you see that, there is a big problem. Dillard tried but he is way too small to play mike.  Tracy put together a string of plays, but beyond him shooting the gap once, I can’t remember another outstanding play made by a linebacker. Overall the LBers were a few steps down from last week. 

Why was Kevin Boss out there in a meaningless game?  He is recovering with an ankle and hamstring. There are two exhibitions left, so what was the point? 

Why were Rolle and Bradshaw punished for showing up late to a meeting?  Coughlin’s rule of showing up 15 mins early is purely a stupid rule. If they showed up 10 mins late but still before the meeting started then what’s the point? I know of NO OTHER team that punishes players for showing up on time! 

Punting is turning from rookie pressure into a serious problem. Dodge looked like Kaeding on the sidelines. He seems unnerved by his performance and a punter cannot do that. Nate Kaeding went to a psychiatrist this off-season for his playoff swoons.  A punter is instrumental in field position, which we all know is more important than ever.

Victor Cruz came down to earth and made a rookie mistake. One could still see that he is the real deal; given the opportunity and an offensive coordinator who can see, one might imagine Cruz, Manningham, Nicks, Smith and Boss in certain situations. That would dictate to a defense and open up the field to the pass and the run.  You can’t cover 4 guys who can get open and stop the run. Not enough players on the field.

In the end I thought that Bomar did ok under the circumstances. He showed poise, he can move and he did throw a few nice passes. He just looks like he can develop into a very good player. He had to play basically the entire game which he has never done at this level. I am going to rate him a B-. We’ll see if/how much game time they give him next week if Sorgi is healthy. That will be a statement.

The Jacobs “strained neck” is circumspect. I have spoken in detail that I believe Jacobs is on the downside of his career and one big hit from the end. It’s the pounding he has taken. Each year he slides.  Each year he seems to be more injury prone. 

I want to see Shawn Andrews, although it’s a real long shot. I like Joseph a lot.  Did anyone see JPP Saturday night?