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More comments on Super Bowl XLIV

More comments on SB XLIV

Cris Collinsworth and Phil Simms on Showtime

Phil Simms on WFAN w Francesa

Everyone is playing Monday Morning QB on the Colts 3 run playcalls at 10-3 at the 1 yard line after the defensive stop at the goal line.

Simms reiterated how Sean Payton took more than a few pages out of Bill Parcells’ playbook.  Francesa gave the props to Simms for calling the Saints to be in a position to win the game.

Simms comments on how the Saints/Brees offense is designed to beat zone defenses.  Both he and Francesa second-guessed the Colts for not playing more man coverage.

The Vilma LBer play where he runs down Austin Collie is a special play.  You have a 3 down MLBer who blows up a well thrown Peyton Manning pass, playing as a 3 deep Safety.  This is what we talk about, having that first round LBer who can be on the field with speed all 3 downs and make plays.  Remember that Pierce gets torched in SB XLII vs the TIGHT END Watson in similar coverage for the pass interference.  Contrast that w Vilma handling a WIDE RECEIVER!  This is a passing league, but do not tell me the LBer is dead in this league.  He just needs to have perhaps 5-10 lbs less and slightly more speed.  This speaks to the point that a few others have commented on here, that the Giants’ yardsticks for LBer evaluation (size and speed) have been flawed.  If anyone can link to that piece from

On the Wayne interception, Porter and the Saints defense knew where the ball was going before it was thrown.  A veteran WR should not let the CB jump inside on the crossing route.  

Francesa ripped Peyton Manning/offensive coaches for calling the 2nd timeout late, which prevents a regular kickoff.

Francesa was wrong with one comment he made.  Simms noted that Gregg Williams told him on Friday that he would hold defensive sets back for much later (Q4) in the game.  Francesa is at least a little candid in believing that Williams cannot do that when it is 10-3 and Garcon can make it 17-3.  But when you see what it takes to beat Peyton Manning, it means different looks on a consistent basis THROUGHOUT the game.  Peyton Manning is always one or two series from figuring you out– you have to have unplayed cards that you are ready to show later on or else he will torch you later.  The Jets played their cards early, Manning figured it out and by the end of Q2 he became a surgeon.  Archie Manning said that it takes his son around 2-3 series to figure out what is going on, he adjusts and is on his way.  Well, kudos to Gregg Williams for understanding that a 60 minute effort vs Manning means new looks in the second half, not just the first.  

When you review this entire game, it is not a reach to say that Sean Payton would have won this one if he coached either side.  He learned from Bill Parcells, who probably did the same in SB XXV.