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more Hall ideas

Wonder: If D.Hall goes to Pats, I’m going to barf…he’s not a press cover kind of guy, but he’s excellent in Zone and understands how to play Pats’ scheme….so I PRAY jints grab him as he’d be PERFECT for their system as they hardly ever leave their corners on an island..and when they do, the QB usually doesn’t have time to go deep. In any event, I’m not sure he could get totally acclimated by time of Jet game…but he would def bolster a pathetic secondary of the pats.

Ultimatenyg: Hall could take the corner and Ross takes the nickel slot.

Wonder: Totally agree…and IF moron Hall is smart, he’ll go to Jints as they will ‘protect’ him the best..would be real smart for NYG as they are “strong” enough in the locker room to keep him in line with team goals…

Ultimatenyg: Re him being smart to go to the Giants, he has a reputation, deserved (Atl) or not (Oak). This could be a very good move for him to go to the Giants, leverage his skills behind that DL, get a ring, and re-establish his value/career in the league. Could you imagine this lucky peckerwood, making $8M, getting released, going to the SB champs, putting them over the top and helping them win ANOTHER ring? Others would be dismayed (understatement) to believe this guy’s good ‘luck.’ All he has to have is the slightest bit of intelligence and it is all his (and the Giants).

Wonder: All true..but I’m betting on Pats getting Hall…2nd- Cowboys.

Ultimatenyg: I am counting on Reese’s interest from last Feb still being there.. if he was interested with a #2 being asked, he has to have interest for him as a free agent. If Reese gets outbid, so be it, but he kills two birds w one stone if Dallas is interested. And why even give NE any help either?! They’re in the other conference but w Brady around, no need to help them.

Addendum: video on Hall added. He cleared waivers earlier this evening. Get him please.