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Needs versus value in 2011 Draft

Teams this year may be “more need driven this year, not knowing if you can fill needs in free agency.”

This should be an interesting year to find value at certain spots and could even increase trade volume as teams maneuver up to fulfill immediate needs on their roster as discussed in an article by Dan Pompei of the National Football Post.  In prior years, teams will often look to fill holes and needs on their roster via free agency, which thereafter provides better flexibility to “draft best available.”  Many GMs would rather hold the draft prior to free agency.  The Bears GM Jerry Angelo states, “in the ideal world, I would like to fulfill our needs and do whatever we can in the draft.  What we can’t get accomplished in the draft, then you go into free agency.”  Guys like Deon Grant may be at a bargaining disadvantage as teams fill their specific positions needs via the draft.

This leads us to where the Giants current needs.  The needs most evident are: Linebacker and Offensive Line.  Other significant needs are Running Back, Tight End, Cornerback and now, with Smith and Barden recovering from injuries, Wide Receiver.  How will the needs of other teams effect whether a player will rise out of reach for the Giants or, optimally, fall.  If a top notch cornerback of great value dropped to 19 do they bite? .. or reach for need?

Yesterday the Linebackers were on display in the combine.  A guy mentioned earlier who shined was Martez Wilson.  Wilson was clocked at 4.4 in the 40.  In addition, Wilson “was still fluid for his size when asked to open up his hips during position drills and overall could now get some looks in that late first round range.”  Here is a guy to keep an eye on as we get closer to late April.

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