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New York Giants 21 Pittsburgh Steelers 14

Had it all the way. Not. Let’s see if we can recap the midgame rants in one sentence: Gilbride, you s***.

We are midway through the season, Jacobs has already lost that 1/4 or 1/2 step I mentioned, and now he is a tremendous liability in short yardage and the red zone. Not to mention how predictable the playcalling is on top of that. There might as well be a neon sign blinking above his head> “IT’S GOING TO ME, GUYS!” When Ward started getting more touches in the latter part of the second half, you could see the offense stop the stagnation. Like everyone has commented here numerous times, this is no KNOCK on Jacobs. It is on Gilbride’s delusional use of him when it is not working. And some of this he should have understood from the film room in NJ, not on Heinz Field. Jacobs matches well vs the softie defenses who are not ready for a fight. Against a physical team like the Steelers you still need to use him but not at the expense of Ward and/or Bradshaw. And will someone tell Gilbride to practice the dumpoff pass to the RB outlet on the checkdown? Ward and Bradshaw can kill teams like this with that stuff.

The officiating was HORRENDOUS. I will not go into the horrors of how we almost got completely screwed by the refs, because it would take a novella to list them all. Just understand that Gilbride’s incompetence makes these penalties really hurt, and if we lose a playoff game (or a bye or a playoff spot) because of it, it will NOT be about the penalties, it will be about Gilbride putting us in a position where the penalties CAN cost you.

Once again, the defense played valiantly. Butler giveth (TD) and taketh away (hit for INT by Kehl). The Steeler offensive line was seriously exposed by our pass rush and blitz. GOOD. Pierce was all over the field, he looked like he was back. If I were to mention all of the good players in today’s game from the defense it would be too lengthy. But at least let’s give a special shout out to unsung Tollefson.

The Giants OL was fantastic. Same old story, Gilbride is dealt the most amazing hand in the world, he has the straight on 5 cards and checks. He can run the ball and he can pass the ball, but instead he does what is predictable so that the defense can have a decent chance at stopping the poor playcall. How many times did he violate the Ultimatenyg tell, running on second down and 10 or less in a normal game environment after a first down pass? (He did it at least THREE times that I can recall.) If we are calling the plays from 600 miles away, ya think the Steelers might know what is coming? Ya think?

By the time we reach near the end of the game and we have been to the red zone about 6 million times (okay, so this was the 6th), OMG,




I am shocked to find him wide open in the end zone. Surprise, surprise, surprise Sergeant Carter!

Please do me one favor. Do not credit Gilbride for turning it around on that last drive for the TD. Do not give him the credit for waking the F up. When I saw that smile on his face standing next to Manning, like, look at me, ain’t we great?! I wanted to wipe that freaking smile right off his face. He is still so clueless, he probably thinks he coached a good game. SIX TRIPS TO THE RED ZONE???!!! YOU S***. You did exactly what we feared you would do, you piece of terd. The Giants won despite you. Take some responsibility for scoring and WINNING games instead of putting it ALL on the defense. YES, we have said it before and we will say it again and again. You can score 40 points EVERY SINGLE GAME. YOU COULD HAVE SCORED 40 today against a ‘so-called’ elite defense because your offense is loaded and it does not matter! It used to be Eli last year that was the weakest link, and we could understand how the offense would be as inconsistent as our emerging QB. NOW, it is Mr. Gilbride, Mr. Meathead, you are the weakest link on this offense and this team. Thank goodness we win despite you.