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New York Giants: The Key To Avoiding Eclipse By Cleveland Browns

The hustle and bustle of New York City was temporarily eclipsed today as thousands took breaks from work, school, and camp to pause and observe the solar eclipse. Even away from home, New York Giants receiver Odell Beckham Jr. took time ahead of tonight’s MNF matchup against the Cleveland Browns to admire the event. While doing so, Beckham Jr. appeared to be missing the key to viewing a good show and protecting his eyes from harmful UV rays: sunglasses.

It’s still to be determined what, if any, effect that’ll have on tonight’s game. However, in order for Beckham and the rest of the New York Giants to avoid being eclipsed by the Cleveland Browns, they must remember this key factor: don’t settle.

The New York Giants must establish rhythm in order to win. The team must find a way to sustain drives and move down the field but more importantly, get in the end zone! In the Giants’ Week 1 20-12 preseason loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers, they moved down the field but failed to punch it in at the goal line and settled for field goals. That certainly didn’t help them last week.

The team will have help tonight as key starters quarterback Eli Manning and Beckham Jr. are expected to play tonight in the first (and maybe second) quarter. However, each and every player on the New York Giants must play as if they are the starters. They must act like the keys to victory.

“It’s only preseason, though.” False. Football is football is football. The New York Giants record and stats in the preseason won’t effect their chances of making it to another Super Bowl but their performance will. It’s go time.



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