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NFL Labor: Will both sides find middle ground?

Will the Players Union decertify?  Will the owners lockout the players?  Who is going to blink first?  The current CBA expires at 5pm ET.  Tick. Tick. Tick.

Here is the latest. 

The players and owners seem far apart on the revenue issue.  This appears to be the main sticking point.  The owners want another billion of revenue.  And the players want the owners request for another billion substantiated by all 32 teams “opening up their books.”    For the first time in NFL labor negotiations, the owners did open crack  their books.  NFL  general counsel Jeff Pash called this gesture “unparalled” and  far more than has ever been disclosed, and we’ve offered to give them information that we don’t even give to our clubs.  

Pash is speaking in half truths.  Indeed, this is the first time owners have agreed to submit finanical data to the players. But Ravens player representative
Domonique Foxworth called the financial information- “laughable.”   “The numbers offered us can be extrapolated from the numbers that are printed in Forbes. It’s nothing substantial.

Before the clock strikes FIVE,  let us hope they find common ground.