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NFL= Not For Long

I was pretty much out of pocket for a 3 day weekend, listened to the Steelers-Bengals Q1 on Sirius radio in my rental car. 

Then I watched some of the game in the airport.  Then I came into Newark and at baggage claim I see Green Bay 17 Dallas 0 and about 1 minute left.  Got home, watched part of the Colts Patriots game. 

The Colts defense has so many injuries.  It is bad enough that Sanders went on season-ending IR, but they have so many other players down also.  A team like NE uncovers those personnel losses.  Yet, uncharacteristically, Belichick goes for it on 4th and 2 from his own 28 near the end of game.  What is he thinking?  All I can think about is Belichick in Super Bowl XLII, in a defensive battle in Q3, 7-3, NOT kicking the FG.   

Called a few friends to get the download on what I missed from the earlier games yesterday.  Rob said that RT Marc Colombo of Dallas was likely gone for the rest of the year with a broken leg.  (Later accounts said he was not necessarily ruled out from returning, but whether he does or does not, he will miss plenty of time, essentially the rest of the regular season.)  Also Flozell Adams went out in the middle of the game, not sure how serious that injury was.  But here it is Dallas is flying high one week and they might have lost the game, their OL and potentially the season the next.  Believe that? Well, what are the chances of the Giants beating Dallas BEFORE this weekend? At the current rate, less than good.  But after today, if Dallas is impaired at OL, it is a whole new ball game, fellas.  That is why the NFL stands for “Not For Long,” and why anything is possible.  Add that SD beat the Eagles and suddenly the NFC East is not completely out of reach.  Obviously the Eagles and Cowboys coming back to earth will not “help” the Giants fix their own problems, but it does mean that if the Giants fix some of their problems they can scratch their way back into this.  It all starts with defense.  Guys like Boley, Canty and Ross have to be our difference-makers.  You guys know a lot more than me from what happened this weekend, so please comment with NFL thoughts and get the rest of us (who took a bye weekend off) up to speed.  Thanks in advance.

Separately, Rob also echoed Aikman, who asks aloud (with time running down and the Cowboys down by 3 scores) wtf is Romo doing in the game, getting unnecessarily pounded by the GB pass rush?!!!  Rob thinks Wade Phillips is a joke- the coach does not understand simple risk/reward if he is subjecting his QB to a beating like that when he should be out of the game or handing off the ball to end it.

Oh, one more thing.  You CANNOT make this up..  Guess who I saw at Newark Airport on my way to baggage claim?  None other than Carl Banks.  He was walking the other direction to grab a flight and he stopped into the Hudson News bookstore. I went up to meet him, shook his hand and I thanked him for two championships.