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NFL Top Offensive Players in 2013

Subjective rankings of the Top 5 NFL players at each position on Offense, as rated by Wonder.  Sometimes players are taken off the list because of injury (Julio Jones), and other times they are included out of defiance (Gronkowski).  Right Tackle was horrible.  At WR, so deep that more than a few who deserved to be on list (ie Welker) simply did not make it because too many others kept them out.  Murray would be much higher if he could stay healthy. For the NY Giants, there is only one player who made any of these (Offensive) lists, and it fits because we have cited him as the best and most consistent player on the roster in 2013.  Separately, compare this list (and the one which will come out next week on Defense) versus the Pro Bowl lists. 


1) Rodgers GB
2) Brady NE
3) PManning DEN
4) Brees NO
5) Wilson SEA


1) Peterson MIN
2) McCoy PHI
2) Charles KC
4) Lynch SEA
5) Morris WAS
5) Murray DAL


1) Thomas CLE
2) TWilliams WAS
3) Staley SF
4) Gross CAR
5) Peters PHI


1) (left blank because they all s*ck)
2) (left blank because they all s*ck)
3) Fluker SD
4) Stewart TEN
5) Howard NYJ


1) Kalil CAR
2) Mack CLE
3) Unger SEA
4) Mike Pouncey MIA
5) Wiesniewski OAK


1) Iupati SF
2) Evans NO
3) Mankins NE
4) Wharton CAR
5) Warford DET
6) Osemele BAL
7) Beadles DEN
8) Asamoah KC
9) Mathis PHI
10) Herremans PHI


1) Graham NO
2) Gronkowski NE
3) Davis SF
4) Thomas DEN
5) Witten DAL


1) CJohnson DET
2) Bryant DAL
3) Marshall CHI
4) Jeffery CHI
5) Green CIN
6) Brown PIT
7) Gordon CLE
8) AJohnson HOU
9) Thomas DEN
10) Cruz NYG


1) Reece OAK
2) Tolbert CAR
3) Felton MIN
4) Miller SF
5) Ogbonnaya CLE