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The 2010 Draft Combine

The Combine finished today. 

I wasn’t about to miss the workouts as I have already spent a lot of time analyzing this year’s draft. The good news is that there were some surprises but NOTHING that blew away my draft board. The offensive linemen performed as expected with Bruce Campbell out od Maryland at 6’6″ and 307 lbs looking like a world class athlete. He ran a 4.7+ 40 which is the second fastest time ever!. He did the weights,jumped,did the agility stuff and blew away most with his athleticism. There are questions about his readiness and leverage so he stays mid-first round to late first round. There is some depth here and no real changes of opinion. Led by Okung out of Oklahoma State this draft will help some people in need.  Beluga, I apati et all are the real deal so,it becomes a matter of choice and need for the draft rooms.Davis from Rutgers did disappoint some people as he was slow, clumsy and probably hurt his position

If there was a surprise it would be the depth at running back. Spiller, Best are as depicted but the kid from Stanford who was a Heisman candidate is a 4.55 guy and 235 lbs which is powerful. We also have a running back out of Fresno State who will go second or third round and will help someone. There was a 4.2+ speedster and with Al Davis still above ground you never know. The bottom line is there is talent and depth at running back but probably only Spiller goes in the first round. Jacoby Ford out of Clemson is a receiver who ran a 4.2 which makes him gone in round 2 or round 3.

The defensive linemen and Backers will work out tomorrow. There were no negative surprises in the weight room and Suh did 32 reps McClain did 22 reps which is fine for a linebacker and McCoy did only 22. That did NOT hurt McCoys standing  and a Georgia boy did 44 reps which is amazing  and one of the best totals ever. The thing is that although the weight room matters it is not as important as speed, agility and how ready one is to play. The buzz is that McCoy is the better penetrating lineman and Suh is better against the run. Of course they come from two totally different schemes but they are still considered the top two picks in the draft. There are a number of guys I am anxious to see as I believe that we will be lucky to get the guy we want (Alabama’s McClain) when we draft. We need help on the defensive line and there is depth. I have a feeling about Price and I am anxious to see some others who WILL be there when we pick. This kid from South Florida is getting very positive comments, but for my money he is too much of a risk.

The defensive backs still have to workout. This is another area we need to address. We’ll just have to wait to see how Mays does and if anyone surfaces for us in round one or two or later. The Giants will draft at least one db and I am anxious to see what the L.S.U. kid can do. He is big,supposedly quick,hits and he plays strong safety. Devin McCourtney from Rutgers has surfaced as a player who is well regarded. If Mays can cover and is quick enough it could change the whole draft.

Bradshaw the QB from Oklahoma didn’t throw but there is a feeling amongst some that he may go #1. The Rams really need a quarterback and may gamble but Spags has said that he and G.M. Devaney are trying to use blinders and not get swayed by need over value. We’ll see.

I would be remiss if I didn’t say something about Tim Tebow. The kid couldn’t throw and his delivery is questioned but he ran the drills and showed terrific speed, agility and he is a winner. You can’t help but love the kid. He is a leader,a winner and an athlete. Someone will take a shot and I hope he makes it big. Claussen seems to have lost some glow as his character is under question,he didn’t throw and he was busy defending himself. Not good for a team to to risk a high pick and millions on a guy who is injured and whose character is a concern.

It is incredibly boring to watch the combine but I did for a few hours. It seems that Mt. Cody came in at 353lbs down from 370lbs at the Senior Bowl but still too fat for many. He will get taken by the middle of round two so, the Giants probably won’t go there at 15.