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No time to gloat

The Gmen have a hot quarterback under center with back-to-back stellar performances.  2 touchdown passes in a span of 58 seconds highlighted his last performance.  Click ‘Read More’ for Carl Banks’ observations..

Overall, Banks feels that “Giants fans” don’t “have a reason to gloat but they can be happy with the win.   To gloat is painting over a lot of stuff that needs to be corrected and it will show up when” they play an opponent less forgiving.

Banks reminisced about his playing days by stating that “he mark of a great pass rusher or pass rushing team is to be able to be a closer.  Bruce Smith was a great closer” and Banks eluded that Osi and Tollefson accomplished that this past Sunday.

A big area of concern to Banks is the tight end position.  Overall they “did a great job catching the football but they’ve got to do a better job” in the running game.  I’m telling you..  you’re going to run into a team that’s not going to be as generous.”  But Banks didn’t stop there, as the OL “couldn’t control the interior of that defensive line.”

We have commented in the past on generating a rhythm with Eli and the offense with many different playcalling tactics and Banks alluded a little to this yesterday.  Banks questioned the “three straight passes to start the game” which was “not exactly setting a physical tone for the game.”  They didn’t necessarily “come out flat” but based on the playcalling they “never got themselves in any type of rhythm” both on offense and defense that had to defend a short field.

When looking back on the last 2 weeks Banks feels teams “will be using this as a blueprint for playing offense versus this Giants pass rush.”  Teams will force the Giants to defend the rush.  Opponents will strive for 3rdand manageable, which will allow them to “eliminate the speed rushers.”  As a result, per Banks, “now you’re throwing hitches and slants more so than throwing 7,8 10 yards down the field.”   Arizona “did that to perfection a lot” on Sunday.   As the schedule gets more challenging they are  “going to have a problem with that and they’ve got to fix it.”

Banks asks- “Is this team good enough to win every week like that? No.”  Last year it was the Special Teams unit that was a glaring issue that they overcame most of the season but in the end caught up to them.  This year Banks feels it’s the tight end position that “needs to be fixed” before they play the New Englands later in their schedule.  Eli “cannot be expected to have heroic games each time out” to overcome this fault.

One issue that many did not allude to is the difficulty of playing on the west coast after an emotional upset against fiercest rival.  Banks hit on the issues that have been recurring and must be addressed before week 9.  The “blueprint” mentioned by Banks will be mastered by Brady, Brees and Rodgers with their pursuit of perfection on slant and hitches.  Perhaps they need to rely more heavily on the other Andrews as the extra blocker like they did with his brother last season.