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NY Giants 21 Patriots 17 SUPER BOWL CHAMPIONS!!!!!

SUPER BOWL CHAMPIONS!  4 TITLES!  Incredible.  Winning is all that counts!  Nailbiter to the end!  Eli Manning has ice water in his veins.  Two Q4 Super Bowl drives for TWO TITLES.  Words do not do this celebration justice.

I have a few thoughts to put on this post and to let everyone comment and celebrate this title together.

LUCK!  You need to have luck to win titles.  We talked about the breaks the Giants got 4 years ago, like dropped balls by the Cowboys and the Flozell Adams injury.  Well, this Super Bowl victory came complete with AT LEAST SIX HUGE LUCKY BREAKS FOR THE GIANTS THAT I CAN COUNT, probably more:

1) The 12 man on the field penalty by the Pats negates a Cruz TURNOVER.  Two plays later the Giants score 7 on a Cruz TD! That is incredibly good fortune.

2)  The Nicks fumble is recovered by a Giant.  Disaster averted.

3) The Bradshaw fumble is recovered by a Giant.  Disaster averted.

4) Welker drops a sure reception right in his hands. After the game, he took the blame: “It’s a play I never drop, I always make.”  The drive is stopped and the Giants get the ball back in the hands of Eli to go ahead and win it.

5) The Hail Mary goes the Giants’ way when the Pats can’t get the tipped ball before it hits the ground.


Karma? GRATITUDE!!  The Giants were better than the Pats in so many ways, but they couldn’t show it on the scoreboard until the end.  The Patriots were worthy opponents who simply fell short.  One bad bounce of the ball and we are downcast.  Someone had to lose, and Eli made sure we won!

Tom Coughlin and his staff get all the props enabling the Gmen to win a title!  We have to give so much credit to Perry Fewell for changing and making this Super Bowl run happen.   The Giants kept Rodgers to 20.  The Giants kept Brady to 17.  DEFENSE WINS CHAMPIONSHIPS.

Let’s respect every ounce of effort from both sides.  The Giants were also screwed on a few penalties, particularly the Q2 dagger of the Boothe call which set the entire tempo in reverse, turning a potential 16-3 game into a 10-9 deficit with nothing to show for the first half.  That chicken sh*t call was the kind of stuff that Bill Walsh quantifies as the 20% of the game you cannot control.  It is fantastic that we never have to think about that call again, the way we still remember the holding call on Keith Hamilton in Supe XXXV.  This is why you need breaks.  So that you can forget about the garbage that can cost you a title.

If you are a Patriot fan, you are reliving a nightmare from 4 years ago.  Frankly, I for one and am so grateful for the Giants to be on the winning side of this game.

We’ll have all week and the rest of our lives to celebrate this win and every single tremendous achievement:  Super Mario’s 38 yard reception was sweet music.  Chase Blackburn’s INT.  The quiet great work of our corners, Aaron Ross and Corey Webster.  The OL for keeping Eli clean when it counted.  Hynoski and Snee on the fumble recoveries.  The Tuck Sacks.  The JPP menacing, with batted balls and ubiqitous impact.  The Tuck Safety that makes this a TD margin (for Pats at end) instead of a FG margin.  Great WR catches all day long by Cruz, Nicks and Mario.  All the small ball guys (Hynoski!) underneath.  Linval Joseph for a solid game.  Keep adding to this list. (Weatherford great punting, physical Jacobs, Boley 9 tackles..)