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NY Giants Day 3 Draft Selections

Day 3 of the NFL 2012 Draft is officially over.  Now teams are busy as we read and write, scrambling to lock up UFAs that were not drafted.  It is Day 3 when you can really make your draft, contrary to all of the media hype of Day 1.  Yes, in Day 1 you are talking about much higher probabilities for these players being in the NFL for multiple seasons.  Day 3 picks and UFAs can be gone within a year. But every now and then you can get a David Diehl in Round 5.  Or Jake Ballard as a UFA. So do not belittle these fringe players. One big hit here can be the difference between a good draft and a great one. 

Let’s review the Day 3 picks:

R4 TE Adrien Robinson.  Wonder did not have this player on his board. “He has some potential.  For me, I saw James Hanna and Deangelo Peterson still available at TE, so that was where I would have gone first before Robinson.”  According to Garafolo, the Giants picked up a TE two days later than many had projected.  Considering that Bennett was acquired in FA, it was better to (address other needs and) wait until Day 3 for this position.  Jerry Reese is sky high on Robinson’s potential, calling him the JPP of tight ends.  Considering that Reese has drafted Boss and picked up Ballard, he certainly deserves a healthy amount of latitude in his TE evaluations.

R4  T Brandon Mosley. Wonder had him on his board at 156, as a 5 backup.  “I did have him rated. He’s a big body. Will have possibilities at RT. He has problems with the speed rush but may be able to become a road grader.”  Reese thinks of Diehl when he thinks of Mosley.

I saw from his bio that Mosley was a JUCO who played DE and TE before getting moved over to T. The Giants likely see some raw athletic potential that they can work with. Given how little time he has played at Tackle, it may explain why he has not gotten much attention. Looks like the Giants think there is something that can be developed over time.  

R6  T Matt McCants Long arms (36″), can grow into body.

R7 DT Markus Kuhn I asked friend and Draft Project participant Eric Galko of Optimum Scouting for his review of Kuhn: “Well built, just one year wonder with mediocre ability. Plays too high, not overly explosive, stiff in rushes in my opinion.”  The Giants are obviously more upbeat, noting that even though he is (a project that is) still learning, he is a “buzz saw.”

Here are the full remarks from Reese and Coughlin after Day 3 was over.  You have to read everything that is said, knowing that every GM feels this way about ALL of their picks.  Given that the Giants have a better track record in the Draft than many other teams, we’ll just hope that they can hit on 3-4 guys total.  That is all it takes, 3 guys, to have a solid draft.

Separately, the Giants extended Kiwi’s contract 3 years to 2015 and Osi is evaluating what the Giants are willing to do. ESON reports the “Giants have made Umenyiora offers