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NY Giants Draft Randle in R2 and Hosley in R3

With the 63rd pick in R2, the Giants drafted WR Reuben Randle.

With the 94th pick in R3, the Giants drafted CB Jayron Hosley.

Reuben Randle is reasonable value at the end of R2. He is not a potential game-breaking WR like Hill. He is an okay WR. He has routine size and routine speed. This was why Wonder had him 80th in the draft. The Giants picked him 63rd and had him rated in R1.  I hope the Giants are right!

Jayron Hosley is another story. On this pick, Wonder was in complete agreement. From his draft board: “All he does is makes plays and intercept the ball.  Smaller guy, but quick, perfect slot or nickel back.  9 INTs at Va Tech.  In today’s NFL, he’s your slot guy.  Not physically strong enough for outside CB.”

Wonder adds more color on Hosley: “Smooth hips. Great transition.  Good backpedal. Quick.”  Considering he was 51st on the board and taken at 94, that is tremendous value.

It was a very interesting second day in the draft. When Offensive Tackle Bobby Massie fell to 63, I felt that that was the pick, to protect Eli, especially with McKenzie gone.  The Giants went with a WR. Was this acute need? The way the NY media has been talking for the last two days, WR was imminent in R1 and again in R2, so don’t tell me this was BPA, it was based on a perceived need to replace Mario Manningham VERY EARLY.  But as we saw in the SF playoff game, you have to keep Eli upright.  When Eli is comfortable in the pocket, he is lethal.  Massie fell again and was there in R3, and he was passed on again. By this point it was obvious that there was something wrong with the player.  The NFL will release investigative reports on players, so the fact that every single team laid off of him thru 3 rounds means he must have some kind of baggage. We do not spread rumors on this site, this is just a somewhat reasonable guess/conclusion.

Massie or no Massie, let’s talk about the simple elements of football.  Eli took a quantum leap last year. He was simply awesome, playing at a high level consistently all season. He carried the team on his back in many games. It was not a fluke either. He’ll be able to play at this level for the next 5 years, assuming he remains healthy.  With that kind of QB, all he needs is time. If he is kept clean, there is little that can hold him OR THE GIANTS back.

Seubert is gone. O’Hara is gone. McKenzie is gone.

How many of you are you going to argue with the statement that ELI MANNING IS THE FRANCHISE…?

Protect his health. Protect his lanes. Protect the franchise. Who is going to do this reliably- Diehl? Beatty? Brewer? Aldon Smith was a young rookie beast (14 sacks) for the 49ers last season and he is coming back for more this next season. We face SF during the regular season and we may very well face SF again in the playoffs. You have to protect Eli in these games and you have to protect his career as well.

Two years ago (if LBer wasn’t there) we wanted Iupati or Pouncey. Last year we wanted Castonzo. This year we wanted Glenn in R1 and then Massie in R2. I really do not care if one is good or not. It is about priorities. WR is candy.  These toys named Wilson and Randle joining Nicks, Cruz and Bradshaw… it is great. Believe me, I love the toys just like anyone else. I just want to have the time and ability to play with them, and an OL is what allows you to do that. Will I feel better with Petrus at LG and Boothe at Center? Yes. That way I know we can run the ball.  But in pass protection, our Tackles are not consistent. Maybe Beatty improves. But isn’t it Reese who says that he wants competition in camp?

Defense wins championships. With Eli playing at such a high level now, the mantra is: Protect Eli and win the game.  I am optimistic that Wilson, Randle and Hosley are going to contribute meaningfully. At this point, I would say that Beatty and Diehl are the two most important players, because we know where everything else is.