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NY Giants Draft RB David Wilson

With the 32nd pick in the NFL Draft, the NY Giants selected RB David Wilson.  Wonder: "The best all-around back in the draft. Can carry between the tackles, elusive breakaway speed, can run sweep wide, can catch the ball, willing to block."

The Giants got themselves a good football player.  There are a couple of things that make sense about this pick. (1) The Giants are adamant that any RB who gets on the field be able to block. So Wilson can hopefully get on the field and protect Eli in blitz pickup. (2) This is a passing league, so I pray to God that Gilbride will use this special talent in the open field in the PASSING GAME. He's got quickness and speed so small ball can become HUGE ball with passes out of the backfield. When Bradshaw makes a guy miss, he tacks on 8 more yards. When Wilson makes a guy miss, it can be off to the races. (3) He will be an immediate injection of tremendous explosiveness on Special Teams.

Yes, this guy can also run between the tackles, but do not think he is going to be able to handle a STEADY diet inside the tackles. He's 5'10" 205 lbs, so he can do that, but he has the kind of speed to run outside.

Coughlin: "He loves football." .. re his fumbling issues in college, Coughlin: "HIGH AND TIGHT."

Ross: "Exploded at the Combine. ACC Player of the Year, 1700 yards. Can catch the ball."

Philosophically, I would have preferred G Cordy Glenn (or C Peter Konz or LB Lavonte David), but only because the Giants are so good at drafting RB later in the draft. It has been a while since the Giants have taken a RB this high, and I'll go on record as saying this is NO Ron Dayne type of pick.  The Giants got themselves a good player in Wilson. With Jacobs gone, expect to see Wilson as the #2 platooned behind Bradshaw pretty quickly. Ware gets injured every third game, so unless Da'Rel Scott is ready, Wilson should see a lot of playing time.

Remember those JPP backflips? Well, apparently Wilson may be able to give him some competition.

Some random remarks from Round 1:
a) The Tyson Alualu Award goes to SEA, for taking Bruce Irvin in Round 1. Round 1? Pick 15? Trade down and pick the exact player later!  SEA traded down 3 picks- were they nervous he wasn't going to be there later in R1?!  Irvin could be a tremendous player for all we know, but no one was taking him in R1. 
b) Lots of trading of picks, this is the first draft after the new CBA, so the rookie salary cap makes it easier to manage these players inside the cap, creating more willingness to trade up. (Additionally, because the Draft was weak on QUALITY, teams were just as willing to trade down.)
c) The NY Jets swung for the fences again with Coples. Melvin Ingram was the better pick for them. Coples is feast or famine. Some people think Coples does not have a motor, that he is going to be a Gholston bust. Can Rex Ryan motivate him?
d) Hightower went to NE at the 25th pick. C'est la vie.
e) The Giants took a while to pick because some teams were inquiring about a trade up to their pick. They did not get a generous offer, so they took Wilson.